Everything you Need to Know About the 360 S7 and the S7

written by Nil Harris
part of Robot Vacuums
created on April 25, 2021
updated on April 10, 2022

Are you confused about the 360S7 and S7? Want to know if they’re one and the same, or two products from different manufacturers?

Today’s update offers clarity into the relationship between the 360 S7 and Roborock S7. At the end of the article, you’ll not only know which is which, but more importantly, you’ll know the one to pay attention to or ignore as per your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

Is the 360S7 the same as the S7?

No. The 360S7 is from a company called Smart 360 (smart.360.com) whereas the S7 is from a company called Roborock (roborock.com). Two different products from two different brands. Therefore, the 360S7 isn’t the same as the S7.

What are some similarities and differences between the 360S7 and Roborock S7?

The similarities and differences between the 360S7 and Roborock S7 are better understood by looking at the table below.

360 S7 Max
Qihoo 360 S7
Roborock S7
Barrier height (in)0.700.79
Central cleaning brush style and designbristle and rubber with sealed ends. All-rubber with detachable ends
Cleaning area (ft/m)~2100/2003229/300
Dust bin capacity (ml)170470
Floating brush designyesyes
Height (in)3.946.14
Mapping technologyLDS + SLAMLDS + SLAM
Maps supported104
Noise in min/max mode (dB)6867
Number of side brush11
Pricing history as obtained from camelcamelcamel.com)$349 - $499 (click link to check current price on Amazon)$649 (click link to check current price on Amazon)
Rooms recognitionyesyes
Selected room scheduling (mopping mode)noyes
Selected room scheduling (vacuuming mode)yesyes
Suction (Pa)22002500
Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Homeyesyes
Supports App and WiFiyesyes
Supports automatic dirt emptying yesyes
Supports automatic recharge and resumeyesyes
Supports in-app water control & settingsnoyes (in-app)
Supports Intelligent mop lifting on carpets noyes
Supports the Carpet Boost function yesyes
Vacuums and mopsyesyes
Vibrating mopping bracketnoyes
Warranty1 year1 year
Water box capacity (ml)170300
Weight (lbs)7.615.71
Width (in)13.7815.67
Working time (in max power)up to 100 minutes up to 150 minutes
Zoned cleaning & no-go linesyesyes

As additional information:

  • The Roborock and Smart 360 are Chinese brands.
  • The S7 and 360S7 bots are China-made.
  • Intelligent Mop Lifting, which is presented in the Roborock S7 is a feature that causes the mopping bracket to lift in order to mop tiles and hardwood floors on either side of a carpet without soaking it, and without having to create no-mop zones or carry the bot around. 
  • The Roborock S7 supports automatic emptying. The emptying tower doesn’t ship with the main unit. It’s being sold as an accessory.
  • Multi-level mapping is a way of saying either bot can store different levels of a home (four in the S7 and up to ten in the 360 S7). This function allows you to carry the bot upstairs and start cleaning right away. 
  • Room cleaning is the option in the App to get either model to clean specific rooms.
  • Keep out zones aka no-go lines are little lines/boxes drawn in the App to prevent the bot from going places you don’t want it in.
  • Both models vacuum and mop but only the Roborock does asynchronously.

Which is better–360S7 or Roborock S7?

360 S7
Roborock S7

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07ZRTJDF9 Everything you Need to Know About the 360 S7 and the S7ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08VHZJ6R2 Everything you Need to Know About the 360 S7 and the S7Either excel in navigation, mapping, cleaning, product, and customer support. Looking at the table above the Roborock S7 clearly is the one with the most specs and features.

As for pricing, the 360S7 is the better one seeing as it’s never sold for more than $500 (data from camelcamelcamel.com) whereas $649 was the Roborock S7 opening sales price.

Who should/not be getting the 360S7 and why?

360 s7

Consider the 360S7 vacuuming and mopping robot if you:

  • Have uneven floor surfaces–Its self-adjusting brush design helps here.
  • Live in a house ~1500ft²–There’s ~100 minutes of run time and 150ml water reservoir.
  • Have hardwood floors, tile, laminate, vinyl, etc.–Its suction and brush are more than enough.
  • Don’t have a lot to spend on a robot sweeper and mop–It’s almost half the price of the Roborock.
  • Have light mopping requirements–Water dripping isn’t effective. No in-App water adjustment. There’s also no scrubbing to its mopping. Therefore it’s more suited for muddy prints in a dusty home. 
  • You don’t have carpets between or on top of the tile, laminate, or hardwood floors–It doesn’t have the Intelligent Mop Lifting function. 
  • You don’t have long hair or live with shedding pets–No auto-clean dock plus the bristles in the main brush will tangle hair and requires frequent upkeep to maintain peak performance.

The 360S7 Pro is the 360S7 with increased suction (2650Pa vs. 2000Pa) and a slightly larger water reservoir (170ml vs 150ml)…similar to the relationship between the Roborock S6 and S6 Pure.

Who should/not be getting the Roborock S7 and why?

Roborock S7

Consider the Roborock S7 robot mop and vacuum cleaner if:

  • You have uneven floor surfaces–Its redesigned brush chamber self-adjusts to multiple planes of motion.
  • You have hardwood floors, tile, laminate, vinyl, etc.–Its suction and brush are more than enough.
  • Price isn’t a factor–It’s more than double the price of the 360 S7.
  • You have advanced mopping requirements such as dried-on stains or carpets in between or on top of the tile, laminate, or hardwood floors–There’s scrubbing to its mopping plus the mopping bracket automatically detects and lifts to avoid soaking carpets. 
  • Have a large, multi-level home–Up to 180 minutes run time plus its 300ml water tank can cover more than 3000ft² (in vacuuming mode) or 2000ft² (in mopping mode).
  • You have long hair or live with shedding pets–It has an auto-clean dock (available as an accessory) and an all-rubber brush design with detachable ends.