written by Nil Harris
created on March 9, 2019
updated on June 16, 2022

About Smart Home Vault

Welcome to the Smart Home Vault (SHV) About Page. SHV is an authoritative resource for homeowners and tech enthusiasts who want to improve the quality of their lives using smart devices. The resources available on SHV include Reviews, Articles, Tutorials, and Guides on smart gadgets such as speakers, security cameras, robot vacuums, door locks, thermostats, light switches, smoke detectors, etc. 

About Sam Harris

Sam Harris runs the show here at Smart Home Vault. 

A few years ago, Sam’s heating bill was driving him crazy. More so, with each passing day, his protection and the protection of his loved ones are becoming increasingly IMPORTANT. Similarly, housework and other related activities, for the most part, remain boring and physically DEMANDING.


By automating his home using smart home devices, Sam was able to get those tedious and repetitive tasks to run on autopilot with zero effort on his part. These smart home devices provided Sam with improved CONVENIENCE, COMFORT, ENERGY, EFFICIENCY, and SECURITY.

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