About Sam Harris

I’m Sam Harris, a family man from Boston, Massachusetts. I run the show here at Smart Home Vault (SHV). I’m being helped by Jacob.

While I’m busy creating contents and ensuring they’re discoverable by search engines and searchers, Jacob, on the other hand, is using social media to increase the reach of these contents. Jacob isn’t stopping at that, however: if you’re able to quickly find the information you’re looking for or maybe you find yourself hoping merrily from one page or post to another. Needless to mention, Jacob is responsible for this experience.

Sam’s Obsession With Home Automation and Smart Home Devices Explained

I’d say it was about a decade ago. My heating bill was driving me crazy. More so, with each passing day, my protection and the protection of my loved ones is becoming increasingly important. Similarly, housework and other related activities, for the most part, remain boring and physically demanding.

Enter: home automation.

By automating my home using smart home devices such as robot vacuums, smoke detectors, door locks and alarms, light switches, etc., I was able to get those boring and repetitive tasks to run on autopilot with zero effort on my part. These smart home devices provided me with improved convenience, comfort, energy, efficiency, and security.

What’s In It for Smart Home Vault Readers

First off, there’s an array of very useful articles targeted at home automation aficionados. These kind of contents are highly inspiring and educative.
The other type of contents includes detailed reviews and comprehensive buyer’s guides. Contents in this category are skewed at homeowners and buyers of smart home devices, helping them make the right choices in addition to getting more bang for their bucks.

Why You Should Trust Smart Home Vault

I always try my best to suggest products I’ve used or that I know someone who has.

SHV readers are VERY IMPORTANT to me and I genuinely care about how my suggested products are adding value to lives.

If your experience with any suggested products substantially negates my reviews, please reach out to me immediately! I’ll not hesitate to update my reviews.

That mentioned, with Smart Home Vault, you’re in good hands.