The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]

written by Nil Harris
part of Robot Vacuums
created on April 5, 2021
updated on April 10, 2022

You’re in the right place if you want to know the best iRobot Braava robot mops available right now in the market and their offerings. 

Besides reviewing their performances and suitability for general and specific mopping situations (stains, pet wet prints, dusty hardwood floors, etc.), today’s update will also compare specific models from the product line, while offering insights into some capable and affordable alternatives from competitors for units that may be lacking one way or the other. Let’s get started.

iRobot mop reviews

Unlike the Roomba line where there are dozens of products, the Braava line is quite limited. There are only three as of the time of writing, being the iRobot Braava Jet M6, iRobot Braava Jet 380T, and iRobot Braava Jet 240.

The following are reviews of three of the best iRobot Braava mopping robots.

3 of the best iRobot mops that are worth your money

iRobot Braava Jet M6 review

Braava Jet M6

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07QNM91NQ The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]The first item on the list is the Braava Jet M6 robotic mop cleaner. Talking about features, the Braava M6 has quite a few that could be of interest. 

Starting with its camera vision which allows the M6 to take a straight, logical path…resulting in better reach and coverage. 

Away from its camera-guided vision, the M6 has mapping capability to know the areas it has or hasn’t covered, and the best route to take to achieve clean floors with less battery and time. It also can store multiple floor plans. Another thing worth mentioning about the Braava Jet M6 floor mopper is the up to two hours of run time. And that is on top of its ability to self recharge and resume. More so, is its larger water tank (around 480 ml) that’s also electronic; that way you can adjust water speed levels through the iRobot App. Other personalization options include the ability to schedule/execute room-level cleaning, target rooms, or mark no-go zones. Talking Integration, the M6 is compatible with Google and Alexa and the i- and s- series Roombas.

As far as cleaning power/performance, the M6 cleans quite well, at least for a robot mopper. Its back-and-forth movement, the pressure it applies to the floor, and the nice scent of the cleaning solution all work together for an improved experience. 

Check out this Vacuum Wars test (start from 2.32) showing the M6’s exploit with dried-on coffee stains, grape, and V8 juice:

Derek from Modern Castle also had a similar result with honey and mud on tile:

If it helps to add, the M6 ships with disposable wet and dry wipes (you can add the reusable one if you want). The wet pad doesn’t handle puddles or liquids as well, since it’s made for stains. For removing liquids maybe consider the iLife w400 or w450

As promising as the M6, understand there are limitations in design, hardware, and software. 

Historically, the M6 couldn’t traverse anything (thresholds in particular) taller than 3mm. A firmware update seems to have addressed this issue but it’s still something to consider.

Hardware, some users have reported the M6’s failure to dock or dock properly.

If you’re getting the M6, beware of streaks, which could sometimes be dirty or sticky especially if you didn’t vacuum first. Similarly, the M6 doesn’t have the self-cleaning ability of a certain Narwal T10 or iLife W450.

Currently, it is unclear whether a software update can correct the streaking problem since there have been quite a few since its release. Maybe running on Extended cleaning mode and Minimum spray settings might help though.

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Moving on, and beyond the wet mark trouble, the M6 doesn’t work on black tiles. Black bodies trigger the cliff sensor such it thinks it’s about to fall off. Using white tape on the cliff sensor is a fix, but this is at the risk of a fall if you actually live in a multi-level home. 

Meanwhile, and while getting stuck or confused, or leaving rooms out on the map are possibilities, some users have also commented on its slow performance. Nonetheless, the software on the Braava Jet M6 mopping robot remains functional. Not to mention the regular updates it receives for bug fixes and usability improvement.


  • Feature-rich
  • Advanced, smart & efficient
  • Awesome design 
  • Solid hardware
  • Functional software


  • Pricey
  • Possible mapping and navigation issues
  • May leave wet tire marks behind
  • May struggle under low light conditions
  • Only compatible with the iRobot cleaning solution whose bottle is small, expensive, and sometimes hard to find

Is the Braava Jet M6 robotic mop cleaner worth it?

While pricey (typically around $500), the Braava Jet M6 has deep cleaning ability, is smart, and quite efficient. It leaves floors looking fresh and smelling nice, eliminates one more task you don’t like, frees up time to spend with family or to do other things of interest while getting your weekend back. Consider the Braava M6 mopping robot if you:

  • Want intensive mopping
  • Want a mopping robot that cleans in neat rows and is less hands-on
  • Live in a multi-level home
  • Live in a home up to 1500sqft
  • Have mostly hard floors (tile, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, etc.) 
  • Are a messy chef or have messy pets

iRobot Braava 380t robot mop review

iRobot Braava 380t

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00DCCYD6U The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]Featuring #2 on this list of the best Braava robot mop is the 380t model

Feature-wise, the iRobot 380t mopper doesn’t support App functionality or voice control via Alexa or Google. Random mobility. No mapping, self-resume, or custom cleaning functions either. 

Talking about its operation, beware there’s no form of squirting, scrubbing, or sucking to the mopping of the Braava 380t (just a wet cloth being dragged around). Even then, some users have commented on the 380t going over the same area multiple times, prolonging cleaning as a result while reducing working time. Durability too if it helps to mention–lasting only about six months in some cases. The thread on the wheel coming off seems like another common issue. 

Being low tech–while not as convenient (small water tank that needs to be constantly refilled plus it may push things to the corner of the room that you may have to take a vacuum to pick up) or efficient (you might have to sweep and mop once a week because the edges still will need attention)–the Braava 380t doesn’t only have reliability going for it, it’s very easy to use. It cleans dust and dirt well enough (no streaks) without slacking in coverage (gets underneath the bed for the dust there). Wiping pads (wet and dry) are readily available and quite affordable, just like the main unit at around $300.

The 380t floor mopper clearly isn’t for everyone. Not suitable for large homes, puddles, or stuck-on stains. More like if you’re looking for an automatic wiper for a single room or if your floors are already clean and you want routine touch-ups.

iRobot Braava Jet 240 review

iRobot Braava Jet 240ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B019OH9898 The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]

At number #3 and to conclude this list of the best iRobot Braava mops is the 240 model.

The Braava 240 floor mopper doesn’t have an auto-resume function (charging the battery is through an outlet). It neither follows a logical path to cleaning. In turn, range and coverage suffer since there will be missed spots, repeated/multiple passes, or bumping into things. Streaking is a possibility too.

Not done, the iRobot 240 bot lacks floor mapping capability. This translates to missing out on map saving, room naming, room/area cleaning, and App-based barriers

Like in the 380t, though, low tech equals stability. No cliff sensor to get triggered as such the 240 can clean dark floors.

It’s available in three cleaning modes of wet, damp, and dry while supporting the use of a cleaning liquid. Its mopper has a vibrating mopping head for scrubbing dirt and removing stains. 

Quiet, the Braava 240 supports uninterrupted conversations and sleep.

Although getting under the kitchen cabinet could pose a challenge, the Braava 240 is small and at only 3.3 inches tall, it fits particularly well in tight spaces like bathrooms or toilets. 

For maintenance cleaning of tiles or laminates, the Braava 240 suffices. It’s however not ideal for deep cleaning. Check out the M6 model instead. 

Regardless of its limitations, mopping with the iRobot Braava 240 is a better experience than having to lug a mop and bucket around.

iRobot Braava automatic floor mop comparisons

Already getting confused about the different Braava models? 

In order to make better decisions while maximizing value on your purchase, this section will do a straight-to-the-point comparison between the top three Braava models.

3 of the highest-rated iRobot mops compared

Braava M6 vs. Braava 380t

Braava Jet M6
Braava 380t

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07QNM91NQ The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]So, other than the fact they’re both dedicated moppers, have dual cleaning modes (wet and dry), plus the 380t is cheaper–the M6 is clearly the better of the two. A bigger, electronically-controlled water reservoir, bigger battery, auto top-up function, camera-guided straight-line navigation, mapping, room divider, room/area cleaning, voice control, solid hardware, stable software, and App, etc. are a few of its offerings that provide the M6 with an improved range and coverage. The M6 is also less hands-on, with deep cleaning ability, and overall does a more thorough job.

Too long; didn’t read: Get the 380t mopping robot if your needs involve a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or one or two rooms. More so if you want something affordable, capable, and practical. 

If you can splurge, have an extensive mopping space or kids, are a messy chef, or have messy pets–the Braava M6 is going to reward you with perpetually clean floors.

Braava M6 vs. Braava 240

Braava Jet M6
iRobot Braava Jet 240

Given the iRobot Braava 240 bot is a 380t with App function. It also has the damp cleaning mode in addition to the dry and wet one. In turn, the information regarding the Braava M6 versus 380t very much suffices.

Or in other words, get the 240 mopping robot if your needs involve a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or one or two rooms.

If you can splurge, have an extensive mopping space, live in a multi-level home, are a messy chef, or have messy pets–the Braava M6 floor mopper is very well an ideal choice.

Braava M6 vs. 380t vs. 240

Braava Jet M6
iRobot Braava 380t
iRobot Braava Jet 240

All three Braava models are dedicated moppers. Their dedicated mopping system is such that you fill with water and attach the appropriate wiping pads (wet and dry for the M6 and 380t, with the Braava 240 having a third pad for damp mopping). 

Per its cleaning mechanism, the Braava M6 goes forth, back, and forth. The first forward movement is when its Jet puts down water. The second forward movement is when, alongside its weight, it applies pressure on the surface while engaging the mop cloth underneath for removing dust and dirt on vinyl, tile, wood, and concrete floors. Braava 240 has a similar methodology to the M6–except it has a vibrating head in addition. The Braava 380t on the other hand is best described as a wiping robot because there’s no scrubbing/agitation going on. For removing dirt and dust or for maintaining clean floors, this cleaning methodology is in order. In particular, the 380t is more appropriate for sensitive wood floors or laminate floors with weak joints, since it slowly drips water onto its pad which is then applied to the floor. 

In any case, there are ongoing expenses on mop cloths (better to get the reusable ones). The Braava lines aren’t the best for liquids or stains too: their wheels would spin. Not to mention their pads don’t self-clean and therefore need to be switched regularly to avoid redistributing the mess. Also, none of these is a whole-house solution (yet)–not even the Braava M6. That’s because, while the M6 can actively detect and avoid carpets, it doesn’t have some sort of mechanical (like in the Roborock S7 robot) that lifts on carpets or rugs to allow access to hard surfaces on the other side of the room.

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Away from their mopping abilities, to the highlights that enable them, or otherwise their disabilities. 

Especially at the price, which is typically between $200 – $300–the Braava 240 and 380t are worth it. Modest in their offerings, both models charge by being helped. The navigation of the 240 isn’t methodical or perfect but functional nonetheless. The 380t is a better navigator but is limited to its NorthStar navigation cube being within 1000 sq ft. Also, you can’t target spots for cleaning. 

Get one of the 240 or 380t if you want something reasonably priced and that is also capable and ideal for a single area such as kitchen, bathroom, or toilet.

The Braava Jet M6, while significantly pricier (typically $500), has the recharge and resume function, a larger, electronically-controlled water tank (480ml vs. 240’s 150ml vs. 380t’s 120ml), camera-guided navigation, and advanced controls and settings. Convenience that turns out to be, plus you’ll be saving time. Therefore, get the Braava M6 if you want a self-sufficient (don’t want to deal with multiple batteries or lots of recharging), smart mopping robot that can efficiently cover multiple rooms in less time.

Watch this video from Modern Castle for further insights (include cleaning and navigation test):

Braava robot mop alternatives

Whether you dislike particular aspects of specific models or maybe the features that are important to you aren’t available in your preferred choice. Regardless of your situation or needs, the good news is there are options from top brands such as iLife and Roborock.

Quickly, here are six feature-rich, capable, affordable, and reliable substitutes to specific Braava robotic mop cleaner models.

6 of the best Braava robot mop alternatives

The best Braava 240 alternative: SpinWave 3115 or iLife w400

Bissell Spinwave 3115
ilife Shinebot w400

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08F6Z89LN The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]The Braava 240 proves enough for dog paw prints. However, it doesn’t do well with pet hair situations. The Bissell SpinWave (3115) being a hybrid model allows for engaging the vacuum mode first, which helps for a thorough job. You also won’t be incurring costs on wash pads as the ones it comes with are reusable and durable.



Like the SpinWave, the w400 helps for cost savings. Hygiene and convenience too. There are no expenses on wipes (the w400 ships with a durable brush). And talking about the spinning brush of the w400, it’s self-cleaning. That, plus its ability to handle spills and liquids better while storing clean and dirty water separately.

The best Braava 380t alternative: iLife w450

ilife Shinebot w450

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08QCMPB4L The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]Around the $300 price mark with camera vision for improved navigation, thus making it ideal for a single area. Where the w450 shines is in its cleaning and cost-saving potentials, added to its App features. 

The w450 ships with two durable, reusable, and self-cleaning brush extractors. Through the App, you can control water flow, noise level, and the speed of the brush roll. These settings when skillfully adapted help for deep cleaning of tough stains to include oil and milk. That, plus the iLife w400 can handle spills and liquid situations much better given it vacuums and store dirty water separately.

The best Braava Jet M6 alternative: Roborock S7 or Narwhal T10

Roborock S7
Narwal T10

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08VHZJ6R2 The Best iRobot Robot Mops for 2022 [Reviews, Comparisons & Alternatives]The Braava M6 has active carpet avoidance except it won’t bother with rooms bordering carpets. The Roborock S7 in response will raise its mop attachment on carpets to get to or return from hard floor surfaces on either side of a carpet.

Talking about the Narwhal T10–this is an alternative that addresses the Braava Jet M6’s lack of intelligence to know whether the pad is too dirty to continue. The Narwal it turns out doesn’t only know when it gets filthy, it self-cleans, while automatically resuming cleaning. It also has spacious reservoirs for clean and fresh water–a nice little touch that has a significant impact on cleaning output and hygiene.


A robot mop isn’t a replacement for a traditional mop. It’s absolutely going to help and they’re perfect for light to moderate messes as well as for maintenance cleaning. If that fits your expectations then you’ll probably like the Braava M6, 380t, or 240. All three featured items are from the same manufacturer because, well, this article is exclusive to robot mops from iRobot. 

(Interested in a non-brand-specific list of the best robotic mops? Follow this link.)

That mentioned, and as you may have noticed in the Review section–while great, the M6, 380t, and 240 aren’t flawless. There could also be some limitations. For this reason, alternatives from competitors featured–including from iLife, Narwal, and Roborock that effectively make up for the deficiencies of the Braava/appeal to user preferences in terms of controls/settings, features, or functionality. 

And if it so happened you’re stuck between any of the Braava mops, there’s the Comparison section that helps to eliminate confusion while offering insights into who should be getting what and why.

For a few last words, your best solution to the tire marks from the M6 might be to follow up with a dry-clean session. As the 380t doesn’t seem to have the power to scrub–and this applies to most wiping bots–running it routinely, 3+ times a week maybe, should help with being able to deal with all of the normal day-to-day dirt and grime before it ever gets to the point where it needs a hard scrub. Whether notified or not of completed jobs, you probably shouldn’t let the bot sit too long with a still-damp cloth against your wood floors. You’ll most likely need more pads than the two iRobot provides. Preferably washable, as they’re cost effective plus you’re being nature conscious. Lastly, running a robotic vacuum first and regularly switching pads can make a big difference in mopping results.