The Best Robot Mops of 2022

written by Nil Harris
part of Robot Vacuums
created on September 9, 2020
updated on April 10, 2022

Are you having issues with dirt, stains, and grime? Or to be more specific: Do you have a pet that tracks paw prints into the house? Or maybe you have a large area with a lot of foot traffic?

Typically, a standard mop is the go-to. But, what if you have back pains or don’t have the time, which automatically cancels out this option? 

That’s where floor mopping robots come in. And the best part is that since automation is involved, not only will you significantly cut down on manual mopping, but you’ll also gain back a huge chunk of your weekend while saving time and improving the quality of your life. Sounds like a plan?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best robot mops to keep hard floors (cement, linoleum, hardwood, tile, stone, etc.) perpetually tidy. Let’s jump right into it.

Five of the best floor mopping robots that are worth it

Narwal T10 robot mop

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The Narwal t10 is my top pick for the best robotic mops, but how so? 

Well, the Narwal t10 actually mops–and does this effectively, conveniently, and hygienically. 

Different from other robot drag mops where you need to create physical barriers while charging manually–the t10 auto recharges and resumes, supports app-based barriers, plus it’s equipped with two soft rotating brushes to help give floors a thorough wash. 

That, and you don’t have to switch pads mid-cycle, have the dirt get redistributed around the house, or endure odor and mildew. This is because the Narwal t10 mopping robot knows when it needs cleansing and would return home to do just that while resuming where it left off. On top of ensuring clean wipes throughout the cleaning session, the t10 separates clean and dirty water. The t10 avoids carpets in mopping mode. Not only that, once done, it air-dries the pad.

Four liters clean water tank capacity, mapping capability, coupled with over three hours run time means the Narwal t10 automatic floor mopper is the one to get for a large, multi-level home. More so, if deeper mopping’s your thing. But that’s if you don’t mind splurging if it means saving time and improved hygiene (the w10 is typically selling around the one thousand dollar mark). 

While a combo vac, there isn’t a lot going on with the vacuuming function of the w10. If you’re more balanced or live in a house with mixed floors, a retractable mop pad that vibrates, such as the Roborock s7’s, is a much better option.

iRobot Braava Jet m6 and/or iLife Shinebot w450 automatic mop

iRobot Braava Jet m6

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08QCMPB4L The Best Robot Mops of 2022Next up on this list of the best robotic mops are the duo of the iRobot Braava Jet m6 and iLife Shinebot w450.

Talking about the m6, while pricier, it maps floors, navigates logically and efficiently, and self recharges and resumes. Cleaning is just as effective, especially for stains and specks of dirt, including on tiles with deeper grouts. The m6’s back, forth, and back movement patterns, for one, make this possible. Then, its self-adjustable wheels. Also, its weight (4.85 pounds) that it makes the best use of (alongside the reusable/disposable wipe pads). 

You also get to be able to adapt water settings or get the m6 to focus on/avoid particular spots/rooms. Further, you can use a cleaning solution in the Braava m6 mopping robot. Plus, it’s the one to get for a large house given its 480ml water tank.

iLife Shinebot w450

Want to get the Braava m6 already? While I do recommend the Braava m6, I don’t recommend it over the iLife w450. Surprised?

The iLife w450 robotic mop, just so you know, doesn’t have trouble with thresholds. It doesn’t leave streaks behind either. It’s cheaper and cleans systematically and thoroughly (wet spills in particular) without redistributing the dirt since it uses a self-cleaning brush roll, separates clean and dirty water, and air dries the floor. Similar to the m6, via the app, you can adjust water settings and brush and travel speed. The w400’s height, squeegee, and wheels are something to consider. You should be fine though if you plan on deploying in an open, smooth space with fewer obstacles.

iLife w400 and/or iRobot Braava Jet 240 robotic mop

iLife Shinebot w400
iRobot Braava Jet 240

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0834QVKFJ The Best Robot Mops of 2022The iLife w400 and iRobot Braava 240 conclude this list of the best robotic mops.

The iLife w400 is a trimmed down version of the w450 in the same way the iRobot 240 is a trimmed down version of the m6. With either, you won’t get systematic cleaning, zoned cleaning, app-based barriers, auto-recharge/resume, floor mapping. Also, you won’t be able to manage water flow, travel speed, or scheduled cleaning. 

Don’t mind those functionalities? Plan to use this in your bathroom or kitchen? Well, you’re in luck since iRobot 240 and w400 low tech means reliability and lesser risk of something going wrong. You’ll be saving money on top of that too since they typically retail under $200. Despite their price, they mop and traverse the threshold excellently. The 240’s size is an advantage around the cupboard while the w400 has its strength in hygiene. If you’re keen on cleaning liquids, the 240 is the one to get. 

To use or not to use cleaning solutions?

Cleaning solutions loosens dirt, kill bacterias, and give the floor a pleasant smell. Instructions accompanying most robot mop models often indicate whether or not to use a cleaning liquid and what’s accepted/unaccepted. Please don’t use an unapproved product as it can eat away at the rubber hoses and damage the electronics inside the robot, thus voiding the warranty. 

If you’d instead use a cleaning solution, there are two options.

The first option: get a mopping robot with an approved cleaning solution. Whether the approved cleaning product is native to the robot model (as seen in the Braava 240, m6, and iLife w400) or an alternative that the manufacturer has declared safe (e.g., Bona for the Braava 380t and Samsung jet mop).

The second option: get a washable pad and use whatever cleaner you want on it.


Robot mops currently have fewer listings in the market, plus their technology is doing a catch-up to the robot vacuums and the hybrid models. Currently, they don’t compare with a standard mop. Notwithstanding, mopping robots are great maintenance tools that can make life easier through saved time and added convenience. 

That mentioned the iLife Shinebot W400 is my pick in the beginner category mostly for its simplicity (no app or WiFi); affordability (under $200 at Amazon); low maintenance (no ongoing expenses on disposable wipes); and effectiveness (leaves the least streaks, has no dirt pads to get dragged around instead it has a brush roll that self-cleans, and comes with a separate reservoir for clean and dirty water).

In the advanced category, despite some drawbacks, my loyalty still remains with the Narwal t10 considering it’s powerful, smart, feature-rich, and can receive firmware updates for bug fixes and usability improvements. 

In any case, anytime you’re done with the cleaning job, always empty the reservoir. This prevents water from drying up inside the sprayer mechanism and causing mineral buildup. It further prevents the tank from smelling.

And because it takes a little while to get wet enough to do their job–whether you’re getting the w450, the m6, or other floor mopping robots mentioned in the list–pre-wet them rollers/wipes, or spray some water on the floor in the immediate area when you first start it. 

For the best result and experience, consider buying additional pads/mop cloths. And with the likes of the Shinebot, Braava 240 that don’t have the recharge and resume function, an extra battery (especially one with higher capacity) is in order, as this will increase range and improve usability. 

Keep in mind activities like recharging, moving the bot to other rooms, reservoir refilling, and pad switching. If you think these tasks will bother you, consider the Braava Jet m6 (automatically recharges and resumes and has a bigger water tank–that’s two fewer things to worry about) or the Narwal/Veniibot (these ones auto recharges and resumes, auto-cleans their wipes, and have giant reservoirs). 

Do also keep in mind the height of the w400 automated mop. If you plan to use one of these in a bathroom, maybe OK; but they might have trouble getting under cabinets or around cupboard edges in a kitchen.

Still, you may have to run your robot vacuum first. Dry sweep mode comes with some mop robot models, but they’re mainly picking fine specks of dirt. The hybrid models might be worth a read.

Finally, your requirements will inform your choice. If you’re a messy cook, have solid surfaces for the most part–or dirt, mud, footprints to deal with–then a dedicated mopper will probably be your best bet. If you have a mix of carpets and hard floors, get a robot vacuum or look to choose from one of the hybrid options.