The Best Robot Vacuums for Hard Floors

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created on June 9, 2021
updated on April 10, 2022

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best robot vacuum for your concrete, wood, tile, timber, vinyl, marble, or laminate floors. With an emphasis on hard flooring, featured items will also take into account common cleaning scenarios, including but not limited to hardwood + pet hair, tile + carpet, hardwood + carpet, etc.

Twelve of the Best Robot Vacuums for Hard Floors

OVERALL best automatic hard floor cleaner: Roborock S4 Max

Roborock s4 Max

As the overall best robot vacuum for hard floors, not only does the center brush of the s4 Max work well for removing dust, crumb, sand, hair, cat litter, etc. on laminate and hardwood floors without leaving scratches behind, its side brush is also speed-sensitive such that it spins faster in corners and along walls while slowing down in open areas to avoid scattering debris. The gentle, back and forth movement, path-planning and map-saving ability, custom app settings, 150 minutes of run time, and auto-recharge and resume function are the icing on the s4 Max that ensures perpetually clean floors with less human intervention.

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Best BUDGET robot vacuum for hard floors: Roborock E4

Roborock e4

The Roborock s4 Max at around $500 is quite a lot. If you don’t want to or don’t have that much to spend on a vacuuming bot, the Roborock e4 at half the price does just as excellent a job of removing dirt, dust, sand, food crumbs, etc. from marble, tile, hardwood and vinyl floors. Similar to the s4 Max, the e4 navigates real good as it follows a straight logical path which helps to reduce the tendencies of getting stuck/needing to be rescued while improving reach and coverage.

Keep in mind its lack of mapping feature and personalization settings. Consequently, you can’t save floor maps, mark zones in the app, select rooms, or schedule rooms for cleaning. On the upside, the low-tech/no-frill offerings of the e4 make it a reliable option. Some of the absentee features may also be unnecessary, especially if you live in an apartment with fewer or no kids/pets.

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Best FULLY AUTOMATIC hard floor robot vacuum: Deebot T8 or Narwal T10

Deebot Ozmo T8
Narwal T10

Don’t want to clean before you clean? Or maybe you hate messing with the onboard bin or mop head of a floor robot?

Consider the Deebot T8 (there’s the AIVI variant–follow this link for comparison) if you live in a large busy house where things get left behind. Besides its hard floor vacuuming ability, the Deebot T8/T8 AIVI auto dumps itself while actively avoiding shoe strings, socks, cords, kids’ toys, and other similar items.

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The t10 from Narwal is the one to get if mopping dominates your cleaning. The washing base holds 5 liters of water; separates clean and dirty water; supports the use of detergents which helps to reduce odor; and autonomously cleans its mop pads, and when done, air dries them.

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Best BUDGET fully automatic hard floor vacuum cleaner: Proscenic M7 Pro

m7 pro vacuum
proscenic m7 pro dust collector

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07ZPTKYQP The Best Robot Vacuums for Hard FloorsAlready eyeing the Deebot t8 or Narwal t10? Bummer: the Deebot t8 w/o a deal is about $700 while the Narwal t10 currently retails at over a thousand dollars. While the Narwal t10 currently doesn’t have a like-for-like cheap alternative, the Deebot t8 however has a few cheaper and capable alternatives of which the Proscenic m7 Pro is one. The m7 Pro offers most of the functionalities of the t8 including smart navigation, custom app settings, hard floor cleaning, and, of course, auto-dirt emptying…on top of saving you at least $200!

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Best ROOMBA for hard floors: Roomba 960, i3 or i7

Roomba 960
Roomba i3
Roomba i7

Provided pebbles don’t sneak into their rollers or wheels, any one of the iRobot Roomba 960, i3 or i7 is safe and capable of the complete removal of debris on hardwood, tile, vinyl, and other hard floorings.

The iRobot 960 and i3 are quite affordable and the right choice if you live in an apartment, want custom settings, or have pets that love to shed. Also, if you don’t mind emptying their minuscule dustbins in between runs.

The i3 Plus–which is the i3 with the auto clean dock (available as a bundle or add-on)–works well in homes where the vacuuming needs involve the removal of the hair of large shedding dog breeds from hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring.

Concerning the i7, this is the one to get if you live in a multi-level house with primarily hard floors or want custom settings such as multi-level mapping, room divider, or room selection. You may consider the i7 Plus (the i7 with the self-cleaning base) if you have pets that periodically replace their coats.

Best robot vacuum for uneven floors: 360 S7

360 s7

Given its specially designed brush housing that supports multiple planes of motion, check out the 360 s7 if you’re looking for a capable automatic cleaning machine that won’t freak out on your uneven hardwood floor and/or that can clean the gaps between your tile floors.

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Best robot vacuum for HARD FLOORS AND PETS: Roborock S6 MaxV/S7

Roborock s7
Roborock s6 MaxV

So both are pricey models and are advanced, feature-rich with superior cleaning systems that ensure intensive cleaning of hardwood floors without scratches or streaks.

One key highlight of the s6 MaxV is the twin front cameras it uses for object avoidance which is advertised to be able to avoid pet waste in addition to other smaller items. Far from a perfect system, but if you have pets that are prone to accidents, the s6 MaxV robotic floor cleaner and the Deebot t8 AIVI are currently the only available options. The AI system is continually being worked on though, and fixes and improvements get pushed at least twice a year.

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Quite succinctly, the s6 MaxV is the one to consider if you live in a busy, multi-level house with a complicated floor plan and have primarily hardwood floors, a couple of pets, and some time to spare.

As for the s7, hardwood floor mopping and pet hair removal are where it really shines. Its mopping system vibrates to help tackle stubborn stains and grime. The brushless extractor does enough resisting hair plus the tips are detachable which minimizes upkeep. There’s also the auto empty base that makes for a nice hands-off experience.

The Roborock s7 should suffice in a house with dust problems, rugs, and lots of heavy shedding pet breeds (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, etc.)

Best BUDGET robot vacuum for hard floors and pets: Roomba i3(+)/Roborock S4

Roomba i3 Plus
Roborock S4

If the Roborock s7 and s6 MaxV are priced out of your budget, the iRobot i3 (+) and Roborock s4 are legit alternatives.

As to which one to choose, both have superior cleaning systems that support efficient and convenient vacuuming of pet hair on hard floors.

The convenience of the Roomba i3 Plus is in its ability to resist hair (has dual all rubber silicone rollers) while automatically emptying itself (if or when you add the auto emptying tower or buy the i3 Plus, which is a bundle of the main unit the i3 and the clean base).

The center brush of the Roborock s4 on the other hand (bristled) may not look good with the hair of a Golden Retriever, for example, but pick-up performance nonetheless remains solid. It also doesn’t have a self-emptying base station. The Roborock s4 does however allow you to mark your pet area in the app or choose which rooms to clean, when, and how often. It maps the floor as well and stores up to four floor plans. Also, the s4 has a better range and coverage (thanks to its laser eyes and 2.5+ hours of run time) with improved obstacle negotiation ability.

In short, consider the Roomba i3 (the main unit w/o the auto clean dock) if you’re on a budget, live in an apartment with hardwood floors, and don’t mind manually emptying the small dustbin.

The Roomba i3 Plus (the bundle that ships with the auto clean dock) suffices if you’re allergic, busy, have pets, and/or lazy.

The Roborock s4 is a much better choice if you live in a busy, multi-level house with a complicated floor plan; have hardwood, linoleum, or ceramic tile floors; and/or have a couple of pets and some time to spare for emptying its 470ml dirt tray.

Best robot vacuum for HARD FLOORS AND CARPETS: Roomba 980/Roborock S7

Roborock S7
Roomba 980

Key highlights like their rubber rollers, powerful suction, auto top-up, and carpet boost make any of the Roomba 980 or Roborock S7 an ideal choice in a home with a mix of rugs, carpets, hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring.

With an equally stellar performance on hard floors (this test for instance showed the Roomba 980 scored 96% on the hardwood pick-up challenge), the Roomba 980’s strength is in the carpet/rug department. The adjustable wheels allow it access to tall carpets up to 0.79″. The wheels also reverse and try to free the robot in a situation where the side brush gets tangled in rug fringes. Its two rubber rollers–one with deeper grooves that spiral around and the other with a pretty plain design–provides agitation backed with some strong suction w/o pulling on the rug’s material. Another plus to the brush design of the iRobot 980 is its hair resisting ability. Not to mention its ends that pop right out for a quick and easy detangling. The brush housing permitting air movement also ensures the complete removal of debris. Just as the 980 isn’t compatible with the auto empty base, be reminded you can’t exclude zones in the app (you can get the infrared beacons which works quite well though), name or select rooms, or store floor plans. Also, being an older model and one which has been discontinued (but still enjoys manufacturer’s support nonetheless), there could be issues relating to availability. When on sale though (typically under $500) the Roomba 980 is a worthwhile purchase given its reliability thanks to its low tech.

As for the Roborock s7, this one unlike the Roomba 980 is a new release and is very much readily available. It’s however expensive (with the auto clean dock you can be looking at close to a thousand dollars) and isn’t as powerful as the Roomba 980 in the carpet department. While the Roborock s7 does well on low and medium pile rugs/carpets, hard floor cleaning is where it really shines. Seeing as the surface of hardwood, tile or linoleum don’t retain as much dirt as say a carpet, the s7 makes the best use of its 2500Pa suction and the speed-sensitive side brush. The mopping attachment of the s7 vibrates, which provides it with better leverage in tackling dog wet prints, coffee spills, and similar stains. It also actively avoid soaking carpets and rugs. You’re in luck if you have pets and live in a large house considering the no-bristle design of its extractor, the over 2.5 hours of run time, and the self-cleaning docking station (sold separately).

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Best ROBOT VACUUM/MOP for hard floors: Roborock S7

Roborock s7

Concerning the hard floor vacuuming potentials of the Roborock s7, its soft, all rubber brush doesn’t scratch hardwood and laminate floors while doing enough to resist hair tangling. The brush and brush housing, uniquely designed, ensures multiple planes of movement that helps for improved pickup performance particularly on tile floors. That, and there’s the self-emptying dock for homeowners with large homes or lots of pets.

Talking about mopping, the S7 actually scrubs the floor and has built-in water settings and control, which helps for thoroughness (i.e no streaks or puddles that could damage wood floors) and convenience that’s uncommon with most 2 in 1 vacuum and mop robots. Its 300ml water tank suffices in a home up to 3000ft². Also, its VibraRise function applies to homeowners with a mix of tile, hardwood, laminate, rugs, and/or carpets.

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Best SMART robot mop for hard floors: iLife W450

ilife 450

ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08QCMPB4L The Best Robot Vacuums for Hard FloorsDo you like the Braava 240 mopping robot but hate that you can’t schedule mopping or adjust the water flow? Or maybe you care about hygiene such that you are looking for a robotic mop that separates clean and dirty water, auto-cleans its mop pad without redistributing the dirt?

The iLife w450 for one lets you schedule mopping. It doesn’t auto top-up like the Braava Jet m6 but recharging time is quick (around 45 minutes) and working time is pretty decent (~two hours). Also, the clean water reservoir holds 850ml of water plus water flow and travel speed can be adjusted via the app. Best of all, the iLife w450 Shinebot cleans tile, hardwood, and marble floors excellently while actively avoiding carpets and rugs.

Watch the video below (from Robot Masters) for further insight into the cleaning potential of the iLife w450 robotic mop:

Best BUDGET hard floor robot mop: iLife w400

ilife 400ir?t=shv0fe 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0834QVKFJ The Best Robot Vacuums for Hard Floors

The iLife Shinebot w450 at around $400 is quite pricey. If you don’t want to or don’t have that much to spend on a mopping bot, the iLife Shinebot w400 at half the price–and basically a trimmed-down version of the w450 that equally excels at hard floor cleaning–is a worthwhile investment. Like the w450, the w400 is a good cleaner, as it supplies sufficient clean water from its 850ml water tank. With the help of strong suction and the microfiber brush, the w400 can thoroughly remove stains and excess water. The w400 self-cleans its brush to avoid redistributing the mess while collecting the dirty water in a separate compartment.

Keep in mind the W400 lacks mapping and personalization features. It bounces around randomly for one. Also, with the w400, you can’t adjust water, brush, or travel speed. On the upside, the low-tech/no-frill offerings of the w400 are just about right in a studio apartment. It’s also reasonably priced (typically under $250).


Hard floors are a top flooring option. Hardwoods, in particular, considering their appealing looks, durability, and ease of maintenance.

If you have hard flooring and want to automate vacuuming–or maybe you can’t vacuum due to a disability or some health issues–a ROBOT VACUUM can help. You can start with the list above where each item has been associated with corresponding users/use cases.

Do take caution though if you have dark hard floors or carpets/rugs with black patterns. Most robot vacs will avoid black surfaces thinking they’re ledges. Taping the cliff sensor is a temporary fix albeit one not recommended, as this can lead to a potential fall thus voiding the warranty.

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