iRobot Roomba i7 vs Shark iq r1001: Which one to buy, and why?

Sam Harris
written by Sam Harris
created on April 25, 2020
updated on May 7, 2020

The Roomba i7 vs. Shark IQ rv1001–want to know which you should buy, and why? You have come to the right place. Today’s update compares the features and functions of the Roomba i7 and Shark IQ floor robots. Let’s get started.

Roomba i7 vs. Shark IQ specs and features

Shark rv1001ae
Roomba i7+
Accessoriescharging dock, self-cleaning brushroll, 2 x side brushes, BotBoundary stripsnorth American line cord, dual mode virtual wall barrier, extra high-efficiency filter, extra side brushes
Suction power(Pa)-1700
Amazon Alexa supportyesyes
AppShark IQiRobot Home
Auto dirt disposalyesyes
Automatic recharge and resumeyesyes
Bare floor typeslaminate, ceramic tile, marble tile, vinyl, linoleum, woodlaminate, ceramic tile, marble tile, vinyl, linoleum, wood
Barrier-cross Height (in)0.750.79
Carpet Boostnoyes
Carpet typeslow-pile, medium-pilelow-pile, medium-pile
Central cleaning brush typeSingle, brushlessDual, brushless
Digital blocked areanoyes
Dirt detectnoyes
Dust bin size (ml)568400
Full bin indicatornoyes
Hepa filterno yes
Intelligent carpet detectionyesyes
Maps allowed for saving010
Navigation and mappingiAdapt 3.0 + VSLAMLDS + SLAM
Noise in max mode (dB)7068
Price history (retrieved from$337.49 - $649.99 (click link to check current price on Amazon)$699 - $1099 (click link to check current price on Amazon)
Recommended cleaning area (sq ft)-Up to 10 rooms of about 2000 sq ft each
Recommended home sizesmall, mediumsmall, medium
Scheduling yesyes
Selected room cleaning noyes
Selected room schedulingnoyes
Side brush (es)21
Warranty1 year1 year
Hepa filternoyes
Wifi Frequency (GHz)2.42.4/5
Working time (min)60 - 9075 - 90
Zoned/custom area cleaningnoyes
Google Assistant supportyesyes

iRobot i7 vs. Shark IQ comparison

Talking of similarities, the i7 and r1001 support auto-dirt emptying function (i7+ and rv1001ae respectively). 

Similarly, both robot vacuums have a round shape, use camera navigation, and run for about 60 minutes. 

Elsewhere, the r1001 has two side brushes while the i7 has only one. There are two brushless rollers on the i7 while the r1001 has one roller with some fin-like rubber thread and a handful of short bristles. That mentioned the extractor of the Shark does a better job resisting hair tangles.

Pricing, and the Shark IQ robot wins–it is about $200 (current price) less than the Roomba.

I’d tip the Roomba in terms of usability and software. The i7 maps quickly and can store up to ten floor maps (Shark currently can’t save floor maps), has a more refined app, and is better at negotiating around obstacles, climbing thresholds, and finding its docking station. Another thing, the Shark currently doesn’t have keep out zone function.

Cleaning results from both machines score above average. The i7 and the r1001 did an excellent job picking sand, dirt, dust, pet, and human hair off of carpets, hardwoods, tiles, vinyl, etc.

Here’s a video for more in-depth insight into the pickup ability of the two robots:


The self-emptying function of the Shark IQ robot works, plus the machine is cheaper. That mentioned, the r1001 is loud and has some unresolved software issues. Besides, Shark is lagging in product support. (No-go line and multi-floor saving functions remain elusive months after release). 

The Roomba i7, on the other hand, excels in product support (it last received an update on 02/20/2020). It’s pricey, too. However, the i7 is quieter; maps and vacuums effectively; has an improved app and mobility; stays connected to wifi; and can store multiple floor plans (up to 10).

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