Proscenic M7 Pro Self-Emptying Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Sam Harris
written by Sam Harris
created on April 1, 2020
updated on June 4, 2020

Are you looking for a review of the Proscenic M7 Pro self-emptying smart home robotic vacuum? You have come to the right place. Here’s a table showing the specs and features of the Proscenic M7 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner, followed by a concise review.

Proscenic M7 Pro
Auto dirt disposalyes (dust collector is sold separately)
Floor typeslaminate, ceramic tile, marble tile, vinyl, linoleum, wood, carpet (low- and medium-pile)
Carpet identification and boostyes
Dirt detectno
Digital blocked areayes
Suction power2600
AccessoriesTow mops, remote control, adapter, battery
Amazon Alexa supportyes
Automatic recharge and resumptionyes
Barrier-cross Height (in)0.79
Central cleaning brush typeSingle, with bristles
Dust bin size (ml)600
Full bin indicatorno
Google Assistant supportno
Hepa filteryes
Hepa filteryes
Mapping sensor typeLight Detection and Sensing (LDS)
Maps allowed for saving10
Noise in max mode (dB)72
Price history (retrieved from$459 (click link to check current price on Amazon)
Recommended cleaning area (sq meters)200
Recommended home sizesmall, medium
Release dateJanuary 2020
Remote controlyes
Scheduling yes
Selected room cleaning yes
Selected room schedulingyes
Side brush (es)2
Smart recharge and resumptionno
Sweeping and moppingyes
Warranty1 year
Washable filteryes
Water tank capacity (ml)110
Wifi Frequency (GHz)2.4
Working time (min)150 - 200
Zoned/custom area cleaningyes

Just so you know, the Proscenic M7 Pro will return to its dock (self-emptying function is timer-based), empty its content, and resume cleaning at precisely the spot where it left off before the emptying break. The robot’s behavior is the same with charge breaks.
Another thing, the M7 Pro is a vacuum and mop robot. By implication, the Proscenic M7 can vacuum and mop asynchronously or simultaneously.
The dust collector of the M7 Pro sold separately from the main unit is available for ninety-nine dollars at Amazon. The machine, also available at Amazon, is around $400.
Relatively affordable when compared with the Shark IQ robot, the Proscenic M7 is a dust buster. Thanks to its powerful suction, Carpet Recognition and Boost function, the Proscenic M7 Pro works amazingly well on carpets without diminishing performance on other floor surfaces to include tiles, hardwoods, laminates, etc. Pet hair cleaning, too, plus the two spinning side brushes and wall sensor gives the M7 Pro leverage in edges and tight corners.

There’s no worrying about the safety of the M7 Pro–it comes with the cliff detect sensors.

Similarly, navigation is near perfect on the M7 Pro. This means the Proscenic will transition flawlessly between surfaces, impressively negotiate obstacles, and intelligently find its charging base when it needs to.


  • Large dustbin
  • Intuitive app
  • Simple to use
  • Powerful suction
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Great design and built
  • Quick and accurate mapping
  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Ideal for people with allergies
  • Ideal for split level homes
  • Ideal for large homes
  • Reasonably priced (similar in price to the Shark IQ and at half the cost of the Roomba i7+)


  • Dust collector currently not available
  • Currently doesn’t support Google Assistant


The dustbin on the Proscenic M7 Pro is much bigger (at 600ml), so there is no need to empty it every time. You can as well save a hundred bucks if you’re getting it without the base (Proscenic M7).

However, if you’re buying the self-emptying base, even better. That’s because you’ll get far cleaner and breathable air and your health will be better for it. On top of this, your life will be much more comfortable, seeing the Proscenic M7 is a vacuum and mop robot, plus it spots excellent features to make cleaning as effortless as it gets. The best part, with its Clean Base, you do not need to get your hands dirty when emptying the dustbin, plus wiping the robot for routine upkeep is easy.

What’s more, the App of the Proscenic M7 Pro, besides the tons of customizations and flexibility it offers, also keeps you updated on the health of your machine; that way, you know when it’s time to clean the filter or switch components. While at it, you’ll be able to track the activities of the robot.

If it helps to mention, the Proscenic M7 Pro is a massive help if you don’t have time to clean up/spend most of the time out of your home. The M7 Pro is also great for pet owners, people with allergies and large households, and homeowners who have expansive carpeted areas. If you want to return home every time to find your house is in good condition, try the Prosenic M7 Pro. Available right now at Amazon. Click to check the current price of the Proscenic M7 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner.

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