Best Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Top Three Reviews

Sam Harris
written by Sam Harris
created on March 18, 2019
updated on May 9, 2020

Robot vacuums without the auto-dirt disposal function often require frequent manual emptying, which is inconvenient, especially if you live in a place where dust traffic is higher volume.

By investing in a self-emptying robot vacuum, though, you can:

  • Run your machine unattended;
  • Enjoy interrupted cleaning cycles;
  • Save time while avoiding unnecessary hassles.

Thankfully you’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best self-emptying robot vacuum cleaners to choose from.
Without wasting your time further, here are three of the highest-rated self-emptying robot vacuums you can buy in 2020.

Roomba i7+ & s9+: best self-emptying robot vacuum

Want to know what makes the Roomba i7+ and s9+ the most recommended self-cleaning floor robot?
So, the dustbin of the Roomba i7 and s9 have the full bin sensor attached. Different from the timer option where the robot will self empty regardless of whether the bin is full or not. The full bin sensor of the i7+ and s9+ ensures they return home for emptying only when it is necessary. Eventually, vacuuming on the i7+ and s9+ is faster and more effective.
And talking about convenience, the self-cleaning function of the i7 and s9 works flawlessly such that the only input required is trashing the dirtbags, which is easy to do anyway. Also, the clean base is a bagged system allowing for some fresh, healthy air for people with allergies.
Two disposable dirtbags come with a package of the i7+ or s9+, and iRobot says these bags can hold up to thirty runs of dirt. Replacement bags are available on iRobot’s website and their store at Amazon.



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Shark IQ robot: best self-emptying robot vacuum for pet hair

Want to know what makes the Shark IQ rv1001ae the most recommended self-cleaning floor robot for pets’ fur?

The Shark IQ robot has a uniquely designed brush roll. In the cleaning test below, the Shark was tested with a 1 gram of 5-inch human hair. Needless to mention that the brush of the Shark resisted 100% of the hair.
Here’s a video of the Shark’s fur vacuuming challenge and the result:

Moving on, the dust collector of the Shark, similar to the Roomba, is estimated to hold thirty runs of dirt. However, the dustbin of the Shark is time-based. Vacuuming, as a result,
could be delayed due to frequent emptying breaks.

The emptying tower is a bagless system, though. No ongoing expenses on dirtbags that turn out to be, but because this is a bagless system, emptying the clean base isn’t very convenient, especially for folks who are allergens sensitive.


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Proscenic M7 Pro: cheapest self-emptying robot vacuum

With the self-emptying base of the Proscenic M7 Pro selling at around $99, compared with a certain i7+ at twice the price, it’s safe to say the M7 Pro is one of the cheapest–if not the cheapest–self-emptying robot vacuum in the market right now.

At 600ml dustbin capacity, it makes sense, particularly if you aren’t interested or can’t afford the self-cleaning base.

And because the M7 Pro has a bagged auto-dirt system, there would be ongoing expenses on proprietary bags, no doubt. However, you can’t beat the luxury of hands-free vacuuming plus fresh, breathable air.

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Utilizing the same methodology, all the featured items have an excellent auto-dirt disposal system. If you decide to go for a bagged system, the base of the Proscenic M7 is almost half the price of the Roombas (i7 & s9) and works just as well. Therefore if you don’t have a thing for unpopular brands, the M7 Pro is worth taking a look at if you prioritize air quality.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind holding the dust collector over a trash can, then, by all means, get the Shark. Currently, the Shark is the only self-emptying robot vacuum with a bagless model so really no options there.

And finally, keep in mind that while there are knock off dirtbags on Amazon and some other places online, the self-emptying base of any robot vacuum will only work with the model it ships with.