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Are you facing problems with your iRobot Braava Jet m6 not spraying water and it getting clogged? Is the Braava jet m6 giving you dirty tire marks issues? It is natural to be unhappy with the $500 purchase if that is the case. 

As promising as the iRobot Braava Jet m6, being the first and only smart mopping bot (as of the time of writing)– not spraying water/tire marks/smears/excess water it leaves behind are some of its BIGGEST flaws.

Braava jet m6 not spraying water

There have been reports of the jet m6 not spraying water. Usually it takes upto a minute and few sprays before you see water coming out of the nozzle. If your braava jet m6 is not spraying water then it may also be due to the activity that it is performing, and that is completely normal. For instance, the iRobot braava jet m6 won’t spray water if it docking, undocking or on a dry mission. 

At the same time, if your floor is incompatible with the iRobot braava jet m6 then it might be absorbing the water and even if braava is spraying water, the pad won’t get wet.

If both the above scenarios are not present then try the below steps to troubleshoot braava jet m6 not spraying water

#1: Confirm that you are using the right mopping pad (either a Wet Mopping Pad or Washable Wet Mopping Pad). If you are using a Dry Sweeping Pad then your braava will not spray water.

#2: Make sure that your tank is clean and without debris.

#3: Ensure that your fill sensor float is not lodged or stuck inside the fill tank.

#4: Check if your braava jet m6 is running on the right setting. Go to Settings in your App and look for Jet Spray Amount, Wet Mopping Behaviors.

#5: Check that the seal around the tank filter, tank filter, and the tank are in order and rightly placed.

#6: If after the above steps the braava jet m6 is still not spraying water then you should reboot the machine by pressing and holding the Clean button for 20 seconds.

If even after rebooting the problem persists, then you should contact iRobot Customer Care.

Braava jet m6 dirty tire marks and streaks

Pending the time iRobot addresses these issues, though, here are six things you can do differently (particularly if you’re having trouble with tire marks/streaks) to get optimal performance from the Braava Jet m6.

#1: Try distilled water, replace pads, or wipe the wheels.

#2: Consider washable pads. Washable pads, in my opinion, are cost-efficient and better at handling stains than paper pads. A pack of eight on Amazon is about $40.

Extolife 8 Pack Washable and Reusable Mopping Pads for iRobot Braava Jet m6 - IROBOT BRAAVA JET M6 NOT SPRAYING WATER AND DIRTY TIRE MARKS
Check out Extolife 8 Pack Washable and Reusable Mopping Pads

#3: Prep the floor. You might want to run the sweeping mode of the Braava m6 or vacuum the floor if your house receives lots of foot traffic or if you live in a place where dust traffic is in high volume. That way, there is less mess to go around.

#4: Consider adjusting mop settings. The Braava m6 supports standard, deep, and extended mopping modes. Executing the extended mode can minimize the overlapping of the tire.

#5: Consider adjusting water settings. The Braava m6 supports water regulation in the app. It might help if you tried running the m6 in a low water setting.

#6: Consider a washing robot. Mopping robots, which the m6 is one, make use of pads for wiping the floor. As a result, the collected grime and messes get redistributed, causing dirty streaks.
Washing robots, on the other hand, suck up and store dirty water separately. Not only that, washing robots wipe the floor with their scraper/squeegee. You should check out the iLife Shinebot W400 or one of the Scooba’s (if you find one) if you’re concerned about tire marks and dirty streaks, or considering an alternative to the Braava Jet m6.


The tips above should help to prevent, eliminate, or at least make tire marks and dirty streaks of the Braava m6 less noticeable. They should also help if your iRobot Braava jet m6 is not spraying water.

While I tried to avoid recommendations that could cause malfunctioning of your device or void its warranty, do take note that the manufacturer does not sanction the above information.

Finally, contact iRobot if you tried the above without success or if you’re in doubt about anything.

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  1. Make sure you have the “wet mopping” pad on. If the “dry mopping” pad is on, the robot won’t squirt out water.

  2. I got the new M6 for Christmas. Day after Christmas, ran it first time with dry pad. Then swapped with the wet disposable pad. Used 6 capfuls per the instructions. HORRIBLE streaks and tire marks, also white residue. Emptied it out, put in only 3 capfuls this time, same result and now I wish I wouldn’t have ran it. How frustrating. I have the iRobot that vacuums and I LOVE it ……have NEVER had a problem and do all the maintenance per the book/app. I don’t really see the sense in mopping with plain water. 🙁 I’ll try the washable pad and try one more time before this thing goes back. Thank you for your tips and information.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your Braava, Susan. In addition to trying the washable mop cloth, maybe try two capful this time instead of three. I do this and hardly notice any streak.

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