Goovi 1600pa Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-Review, Alternatives & FAQs

written by Nil Harris
created on August 3, 2019
updated on June 16, 2022

Goovi Robot Vacuum – From reviews to alternatives to frequently asked questions and answers. Here’s everything you need to know about the Goovi 1600pa robotic vacuum cleaner. First, a quick overview.



  • Effective transitioning
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Longer run time (~2 hours)
  • Ideal for pet hair
  • Ideal for thin and low-pile carpets
  • Affordable: Goovi, as of the time of this writing, is under 200 dollars at Amazon.
  • User-friendly & low maintenance: Goovi comes with sweeper pegs and a brush to help ensure that hair and dust are cleaned out more quickly and leisurely
  • Lightweight: Goovi is easier to move around (weighs less than 9 pounds). Especially beneficial for people who live in multi-level homes
  • Decreased cost of ownership: The accessories and replacement parts that come FREELY with the Goovi cleaner is expected to extend the useful life of the vacuum while letting you spend less on extra parts and accessories 
  • Zero privacy concerns/security risk: no download or WiFi connection is required.


  • Random navigation
  • No boundary strip
  • May not be ideal for large homes (2000+ sq feet)
  • May not be ideal for shag carpets
  • May not be ideal for carpets with fringes


Still not convinced with the offerings of the Goovi 1600pa robotic vacuum cleaner? Read on for a more detailed review.



In short, Goovi’s installation is quick and easy. Attach the brushes and put Goovi on the charging dock; wait till light turns orange, which indicates it’s charging. The indicator changing to blue is an indication Goovi is ready to start cleaning.

Controls and settings

The Goovi automatic room cleaner controls and configurations are available on its handy remote.

Remote makes sense from a cybersecurity standout. Its limitations, however, entail the inability to receive software updates. 

Notwithstanding the limitations in controls and settings, you can use the remote to start and stop Goovi, dock, as well as preset cleaning. If Goovi runs into a problem, say it tangle, it alerts you with a series of brief beeps. Further, Goovi has a suction button on the remote–which provides a convenient way to increase suction on different floorings.

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With five cleaning methods of auto, spot, small-space, edge, and intensive cleaning, Goovi provides you with customized + efficient cleaning.

Noise level

Not silent, as you can hear it running–but the noise of the Goovi isn’t intrusive enough to alter the flow of conversations or other activities/events.


Boundary strips don’t come with the Goovi. Even the Goovi with app functionality doesn’t ship with the tapes or blocks. Nonetheless, the Goovi d380 is compatible with most magnetic tapes.


Goovi, when it runs out of battery power, will return to its charging station. I found this to be pretty consistent. 

Don’t know, though, but I think it doesn’t matter if a robot vacuum can auto-recharge without being able to auto-resume. You can manually place Goovi at the spot it last cleaned. It wouldn’t remember it last cleaned that spot and would instead continue cleaning from anywhere it deems fit. You want to keep this in mind.

Dust bin capacity

For a robovac that lacks the evacuate & resume function, a large dust box is no brainer. Goovi’s dustbin size is 0.5 liter. Having Goovi in auto mode can help to reduce the frequency of emptying.

Charge & run time

Five hours of charging gives ~120 minutes of cleaning. Goovi will automatically recharge but can’t resume cleaning. If your home is 2000+ sq feet, you want to consider an intelligent robot vacuum with a bigger battery capacity plus smart charging & resuming function.


The navigation of Goovi is dumb and random. Nevertheless, the large and sturdy wheels of the Goovi aids effortless movement and easy climbing of thresholds (up to 1/2 inches) and surfaces such as a rug.

The obstacle and negotiation skills of the Goovi is also worth a mention. As such, Goovi rarely gets held. As well, going in and out of tight spots such as under bed or couch seems to be Goovi’s forte.


The Goovi robot vacuum has a suction of 1600pa.

Cleaning ability & disability

You’re in luck if you’ve got hard floors. The d380 will pick up crumbs, dust, and other dirt particles off of wood, tile, vinyl, and stone floorings. 

Besides, Goovi can handle pet hair and carpets really well, particularly short-haired animal hair on low to medium pile carpets. But this is assuming you aren’t interested in how your bot goes about its activity.

That mentioned the Goovi robotic vacuum cleaner isn’t ideal for uneven floors.


Both the remote option (Goovi d380) and the app option (Goovi d382) is under $200 at Amazon.

Deals & offers

The Goovi robot vacuum when it was first released sold for about $300. Since then, Goovi has witnessed several changes in price, even reaching as low as $153 on Black Friday (2019).

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Goovi comes with extra parts, including a reusable filter, but once those have been used up, you’ll have to purchase new ones.

Follow this link to get a Goovi replacement filter and brush.

Follow this link to get a Goovi robot vacuum brush guard.

Follow this link to get a Goovi robot vacuum rolling brush.


1. If you’re experiencing delayed charging, you first want to check and be sure the on/off button in the bottom is active. The position of the charger is another consideration.

2. If Goovi is running on its own, you want to be sure you didn’t mistakenly press the program button on the remote. You can try holding down the scheduling button (located beside the clock setup button) on the remote. It should beep after about four seconds, indicating the cancelation process is successful. 

3. You should engage the auto button if you have scheduled cleaning but Goovi isn’t cleaning at the set time.

4. If your machine does not leave the dock after you’ve instructed it to do so, the wheel could be the problem. Clean the front wheel and restart Goovi.

5. If Goovi is spinning in circles, check it isn’t out of power or clogged. Amber light means it needs recharging; blue light indicates it has enough battery juice. Ensure you clean out the main brush on the reverse side of the unit.

6. For the blinking orange light issue, confirm the charging station is working correctly. You can go as far as checking if the cord hasn’t been damaged. After that, try cleaning the charging contact, while manually removing Goovi from the dock and gently replacing it. 

Side note. I recommend bookmarking this post. If anything, to ensure instant access when you need these troubleshooting tips.


Goovi vs. Roomba

In terms of cost, I think the Roombas (pre-900 series) are priced slightly higher. On the upside, Roombas are durable. Parts are cheap and readily available. iRobot (the brand behind the Roomba) is US-based. Beyond that, Roomba robovacs lend themselves to easy troubleshooting (lots of YouTube videos) and repair. 

Bottom line: If durability, affordability, and availability of parts, helpful & responsive customer support, and brand name are important to you–look at one of the Roomba robot vacuums. If you don’t mind brand name but want an affordable auto floor sweeper that simply works out of the box, the Goovi robot vacuum is the way to go.

Goovi vs. others

Assuming the Roomba is cost-prohibitive or maybe you don’t like Goovi’s design. Here are links to other options you can consider:

i) iLife V5s Pro (vacuum and mop)

ii) Ecovacs Deebot N79S (vacuum only)

iii) Shark RV720 (vacuum only)

iv) Roborock E25 (vacuum and mop)

v)  Eufy robovac 11S (vacuum only)

Frequently asked questions & answers

Q: Is a smartphone required for operating the Goovi auto vacuum cleaner?

A: The Goovi d380–no, it uses a handy remote instead. The Goovi d382–yes, it requires a smartphone since its settings and controls are in the Goovi Home app.

Q: Does this robot have WiFi? If so, can it be controlled with Alexa or Google?

A: The Goovi d382 has WiFi while the Goovi d380 doesn’t. The same robovac with the only difference being the WiFi compatibility of the former. For voice control capability, yes, the Goovi d382 can be controlled with Alexa or Google Home.

Q: How many inches tall is this vacuum?

A: 2.83″.

Q: What dock space is needed?

A: The manual recommended 6 feet.

Q: Where is this product manufactured and designed?

A: China

Q: Can you start just by pushing a button?

A: Yes, there is a button on top. Goovi also comes with a remote to tell it what to or not do.

Q: Can this robot be scheduled weekly?

A: No, only a 24-hour timer is available on the Goovi 1600pa robotic vacuum.

Q: Can I purchase a second charging station so I can use it upstairs and downstairs?

A: No, the charging station of the Goovi (currently) isn’t available as a standalone item.

Q: In case the charging dock goes bad, is there another way to charge the battery?

A: No–you’ll have to replace the dock.

Q: Can Goovi do multiple floors?

A: Yes, the Goovi automatic sweeper can do multiple floors. I have tested Goovi with tile, wood, and area rug and have seen people used Goovi on their slate and vinyl plank flooring. Transitioning is tremendous, plus the center brush self adjust. The only caveat with transitioning has to do with the height of the barrier.

Q: Does Goovi know my floor plan

A: Lacking the mapping capability or logic of the more advanced models, unfortunately, Goovi doesn’t know or save floor plans. Goovi, however, gives multiple passes and will attempt to clean all the rooms it can, provided they’re open, or the thresholds/barriers are surmountable.

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Q: Does it have a full bin indicator?

A: Yes

Q: Does this use smart mapping and clean in an “S” shaped cleaning pattern, or does it just randomly move in different directions?

A: VSLAM or LIDAR, two of the navigation technologies that power mapping robotic sweepers, is absent in the Goovi. Therefore, Goovi’s approach to cleaning involves persistence: randomly moving in different directions and repeating passes in the deployed space.

Q: What does the orange light on the Goovi mean?

A: The orange light on the Goovi means it needs to recharge. The blue light means it’s fully charged.

Q: Will the Goovi create scratches or swirl marks on hardwood floors?

A: Except sand or pebbles slips into its wheels then get dragged along. You also want to be sure your pets aren’t the culprit. The brushes of the Goovi are soft if it helps to mention, plus I haven’t experienced or known of anyone who had scratches or swirls marks from using Goovi on their hardwood floors. 

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Q: What keeps the Goovi from going into other rooms?

A: Nothing. The Goovi robot vacuum sells w/o virtual wall modules. It doesn’t support digital barriers either.

However, closing doors or blocking off unwanted areas with solid objects (of more than 1/2 inch in height) is one option. Not only that, but closing doors can also help to ensure Goovi completes cleaning in a room before moving to the next.

Q: How well does it do with stairs and drop-offs?

A: Goovi has sensors for detecting stairs and drop-offs. Goovi won’t clean stairs but will vacuum edges without dropping off.

Q: Can it handle dog hair?

A: Yes. Goovi is fantastic for getting up dog hair. If you have a lot of dog hair usually lying around, you will be emptying the dust cup after every sweep or possibly in between because it doesn’t hold a whole lot (0.5-liter capacity).

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Q: How does it do on long human hair?

A: Goovi does excellent on long human hair. Keep in mind to trim the hair off the center brush underneath to maintain peak performance.

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Q: Does this work well on shag carpet?

A: Goovi isn’t the best for dense pile carpets. (You want to look at a Roomba s9, or 980). It still depends on how much of a shag you have, though. Goovi works well on thin carpet nonetheless.

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Q: Can it work on dark colored rugs?

Goovi floor robots can be used on floorings (rugs, hardwood, softwood, tile, laminate) of any color. It isn’t floor biased.

Q: Will this robovac climb a one-inch obstacle?

A: No, 0.5 inches is the maximum height.

Q: Does Goovi work with magnetic boundary tape?

A: Goovi doesn’t come with a magnetic boundary tape but should work with one. 

Q: Is Goovi dual voltage?

A: Goovi is multi-volt. It can run between 100 – 240v power.

Q: Will Goovi replace the need for using a traditional/regular vacuum?

A: Robot vacuums are small and don’t have the deep-cleaning power of regular vacuums. They’re best for going longer in between routine cleaning. You want to keep Goovi close and your upright closer.

Q: Is there a way to turn off the beeping?

A: Turn off the beeping of the Goovi by engaging the red button on the underside of the machine.

Q: How do I empty the Goovi robot vacuum?

A: There’s a compartment in the front of the vacuum that collects your dirt. Putting your finger in and pressing down on a button, releases the plastic container. You can then open the box and dump the contents into a trash can.

Q: What is Goovi customer care phone number for the US

A: Goovi doesn’t have a customer care phone number for the US. They don’t have a support webpage. The only way to get support is by sending an email to

Have other questions you think I missed out on? Suggest or ask in the comment box at the end of this article.

Additional Information

1. Two Goovis have similar features, the only difference being that one has a remote in addition to an app, while the other has just a remote. The Goovi featured in this review (d380) is the remote-only option. The d382 is the remote & app option.

2. Goovi (like most robot vacuums in its category) can get trapped in loose cables, small areas like restrooms, or closets. To put it simply, prepare the room before releasing Goovi for vacuuming.

3. The manual of the Goovi robot vacuum can use some improvements. For one, the manual didn’t explain what the blue light indicates. It explains what the “red” light means but the actual color is orange.

4. Goovi lacks mapping capability. Keep in mind the price of this vs the mapping ones.

5. You’ll need to be close to the vacuum to get the best out of its remote.

6. Virtual walls don’t come with this vacuum. As a result, Goovi will attempt to clean any open rooms.


1. Clean the sensor often. Any dust accumulation will cause Goovi to bump into furniture and walls.

2. Consider placing the charging station in an area where the signal is evident. Storing it in an enclosed space will frustrate the unit, and it will take FOREVER for it to find its charging station.

3. Let Goovi run a couple of times before setting up a schedule.

4. Make sure you remove the hair from the roller on the bottom often, it’ll make cleaning a whole lot easier.

5. Goovi has the common problem where products are sold directly from China with no credible US presence for support. I recommend buying from Amazon (which makes return easier) and also buying an extended warranty.


Besides an in-depth review of the Goovi robotic vacuum cleaner, there are other sections that spotlight quality alternatives while providing helpful and accurate answers to some frequently asked questions about the Goovi robot vacuum.

With Goovi excelling in features, functionality, quality, and usability, as can be seen from the article, the conclusion is that the Goovi robot vacuum is an excellent product with a far superior cleaning efficiency at half the price of similar products from competing brands.


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    • A shame you couldn’t pair Goovi to the app, Linda. There’s actually one Goovi with an app and a remote ( and another with remote only ( Needless to mention that the post is a review of the remote option (I had mentioned this under the additional information section). So while the app may offer convenience and greater control. Regardless, you should be able to clean your floors without it, plus the remote should suffice. If I may ask, what’s your experience so far with Goovi?

  1. Sam:
    I tried to get those two apps above. Had the same problem making the WiFi work. Honestly, machine is good, but tech support sucks. Still haven’t solved problem

    • Unavailable/unhelpful support is a general issue with most robot vacuums brands – even the likes of Roomba, Naeto and Deebot. Maybe give the Smart Life app another chance. Hopefully it works this time.

  2. What does it mean if my goovi beeps once and stops and still has blue light. Only thing covered in manual is red light indicators. It’s fully charged and bin is not full.

    • Amilia – do you have the Goovi with the app option? Are you trying to connect to a router? Are you experiencing this with Goovi on or off its charger? If it helps to mention, the blinking blue light is an indication Goovi’s charging, the solid blue light means it’s fully charged.

  3. Just got a Goovi D380 on Christmas and has been working like a champ until after removing it from being wedged under a coffee table. It is displaying a steady blinking amber light at the charging station and not responding to its schedule or manual activation. According to the troubleshooting section of the manual the front caster wheel may be stuck.

    Checked the caster wheel and rotated 360° no problem, and removed some lodged cat hair at tje axle but it is still not activating. Checked the bumper and it is moving. Powered on/off the unit and still displaying the steady blinking light at the charging station and will not activate, to include removing it from the charging station and pressing the button.

    Any suggestions short of disassembling at the front to see if something got jacked? Thanks

    • Hey Douglas – since you had to rescue Goovi, have you considered it could be a low battery issue? Perhaps it used all the battery juice while trying to break free? Blinking amber light, besides being a wheel issue, is also an indication of a low battery. Maybe turn it off, clean the charging contact, and try to charge Goovi.

  4. Hello ~ We’ve had our Goovi 1600pa for almost a month. We have the charger at on side of the house, and Goovi can’t seem to get back to it. It does in a different room. Is there a distance limit for it to return? Also, I noticed it sort of occasionally bounces in movement. Is that a concern? Otherwise, this is a great robot vacuum.

    • Try to compare charger locations in the two rooms. Center is preferred rather than in a corner of a room. More so, the manufacturer recommends 6ft wide dock space. For bump-and-run-styled navigation of the Goovi – I can confirm this behavior is normal: Goovi navigates using sensors vs. the (V)SLAM, iAdapt, and LIDAR intelligent navigation systems of the Roomba i7, Roborock S5 Max, Ozmo 960, etc.

  5. I need help on how to set up a schedule for goovi to run automatically. I have the one with remote only. And for some reason can’t find the instructions…please help ?

  6. HI,
    I was given a D380 for Christmas. I really do think it’s wonderful. However, for some reason it automatically starts at 12:00 AM every morning. I have to turn the unit off so this doesn’t happen.
    Can you please help me with this problem? I have not programmed it and it is on the manual setting.

    • Hi Lisa, have you tried checking for differences between two side brushes ( secured vs. loose)? Perhaps a screw is off? Try to reach support through ( they might be able to help.

  7. Hi Sam, I misplaced the user’s manual for the GOOVI D380. Where can I download it? Thanks

  8. I need help my app I can’t make work I try many times but does not connect what can I do to set up my app some one can help me with

  9. I recently bought a goovi and am having a hard time getting the roller brush truly clean. The tool that came with it helps but not really freeing the base of the bristles from heavy dust buildup.

    • That’s the thing with bristle styled brushes. Maybe consider running Goovi on a schedule? The idea is if pile level reduces, there will be less for Goovi to pick up. Therefore, little or no clogging. Also you can consider the brushless options in the Roombas (890, 960, 980, i7 and s9).

  10. I have a Goovi 1660pa. I have been in contact with CS, who has returned my emails with options for solution, but nothing so far. My robot when started comes off base then goes in circles, then dies within a minutes. Ive taken battery out and replaced, turned off/on, cleaned, etc.. to no avail. thoughts?

    • Maybe a defective unit, especially as you mentioned you have talked to CS. See if you can get a replacement. If you can’t, consider returning because this particular model don’t have the ability receive software updates.

  11. Just got this 2 days ago. It was running fine and then I went outside for 5 min and came back in, it was still running but seemed to be a lot louder. Any ideas

    • From experience robot vacuums tend to be louder on carpets because of the increased suction. Other times it could be that a rock slips into the wheel or the robot chokes on small items like kids’ toys. Also, you can check to be sure the brush roll is securely fitted and free of hair.

  12. I’m trying to decide on installing wood laminate. I have a goovi with a brush. Is it ok to use on this surface as I have area rugs too

    • I wonder why, Donna. From what I read on the product’s page at Amazon it does looks like you aren’t the only Goovi user having this timer issue. Maybe CS ( will have a clue. So sorry I couldn’t be of help.

  13. Just got a goovi do u need to leave it on charging dock all the time? Should I press the red on off switch on the back to off? I have it charging right now and the light is solid blue… When I just it and tell it to go back to charging dock its a blinking purple light assuming that means charging.

    • 1. Yes, you can leave Goovi on its dock.
      2. Blinking purple light means it’s charging or needs charging.
      3. Blue light means it’s fully charged and available for use.

  14. Excellent information! Really glad to find the website since I find the Owner’s Manual insufficient to help me get started. I like the Goovi very much. Does a good job cleaning the bamboo flooring and the area rug. In my area, WiFi is not great. Bandwidth is low. I don’t want to connect the Goovi to WiFi but the blinking light indicates it keeps trying. How do I turn that off?

    • There are two versions of Goovi–the d380 (with a remote) and d382 (with an app). I’m supposing you have the one with an app as the remote version doesn’t require WIFI. If that’s true, I’m sorry the blinking light can’t be stopped as this version is made to work with WIFI.

  15. Do you need the remote to vacuum when going into another room or does it do it automaticaly

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