How to Keep Floors Perpetually Free from Pet Hair With Minimal Effort

written by Nil Harris
part of Robot Vacuums
created on June 8, 2020
updated on June 29, 2022

Do you have large breed dogs/cats that shed a lot and are looking to get rid of pet hair in your house?
Today’s update, it turns out, will reveal top ideas for perpetually hair-free, nice-looking floors. Let’s get started.

5 Best Pet Hair Remover Tips

Tip #1: Consider a pet hair vacuuming robot. With a pet hair vacuuming robot, you may no longer have to worry about cleaning for weeks. Not only that, but pick-up performance is also excellent, plus given most units have HEPA filters, therefore reduced allergy symptoms. Also, most pet hair floor cleaners have versatile brush designs that discourage hair tangling/support easy detangling.
Further, there are useful functions such as room select, no-go lines, and automatic dirt disposal.

Tip #2: Consider a vacuuming + mopping robot or a mopping robot. The mopping function of a robot is ideal if your need entails cleaning dog’s wet print on wood floors, for example. In this situation, you can buy a vacuuming and mopping robot such as the Roborock S5 Max, or a mopping robot such as the Braava jet m6.

Tip #3: Consider running the robot on a schedule. Daily is fine, but depending on your requirement, you could run multiple times too. Besides hair wouldn’t have a chance to build up, the more you run it, the less you’ll need to empty the bin.
Now while most robot vacuums come equipped with the scheduling function, it’s worth mentioning that some models are limited to one schedule a day, plus individual room scheduling isn’t supported.

Tip #4: Give everything a good cleaning before you start the robot schedule. Otherwise, the first few cleanings will need the dustbin emptied more frequently.
Tip #5: Consider a floor vacuum with a larger bin/auto-dirt emptying function. Choosing a robot vacuum with a smaller bin (anything less than 600ml) only means you’ll be emptying the dustbin more frequently. This is without mentioning that cleaning will be interrupted when the bin fills, meaning you can’t run the machine unattended or on a schedule.
On the other hand, the self-emptying option is an automated, bagged system (like the one found in the Roomba i7+ or Proscenic M7 Pro), which allows for healthier, fresher air. Not to mention, they’re efficient–the clean base completely sucks cat/pet hair and other debris from the dustbin of the robot.
Usually, the self-emptying base of a robot vacuum will only work with the model it ships with, although they’re often available separately with price typically in the range of $99 to $299.


There you have it: five smart ways to keep floors perpetually free from pet hair with minimal effort. If it helps to mention, those tips and tricks work regardless of the number/breed of pets.
And often similar in appearance but aren’t in the performance, which explains why some robot vacuums are better suited for specific situations than the others. For pet hair cleaning, keep an eye on the robot’s suction (especially if you have carpets), brush roll design, bin size, and filter type (very important, especially for people with allergies).

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