Robot Vacuums

Sam Harris
written by Sam Harris
created on March 9, 2019
updated on February 19, 2020

Because two robot vacuum cleaners from the same manufacturer are ever the same. On top of this, there are a lot of them at different prices from different brands. Hence, there is a common question of how to get started with a robot vacuum cleaner.

This straight-forward and helpful guide, it turns out, will get you started by providing answers to critical questions to include what is a robot vacuum, who needs one, why, which to buy, and where to get one.

Getting Started with a Robot Vacuum Cleaner in Five Easy Steps

Robot vacuum cleaners, also known as robovacs, it turns out, are automatic cleaning machines with intelligent programming capabilities. These intelligent features ensure a robot vacuum is able to tidy anywhere it is being deployed with less human intervention. A robot vacuum can be operated through a remote, app, or voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.

Follow the five steps below to move away FAST from fantasizing about robotic vacuum cleaners to ACTUALLY owning one.

Step 1: Acknowledge your inadequacies 

Do you have a busy lifestyle, live in a large house or in a place where dust traffic in massive volume? Still, a family member is allergic. Or maybe you aren’t even allergic, but there has always been this argument of who is doing what. Not only that, you have dogs and cats that shed like crazy.

Perhaps it’s time to admit you’re falling behind in your cleaning?

Step 2: Check to see if a robot vacuum can be of any help

Granted, you can’t keep up with your cleaning requirements. 

Now a certain Roomba i7+ will map and clean your house, one room at a time. You can select areas you want the device to clean or block off problematic areas. Besides, the i7+ will automatically resume cleaning where it left off. That, plus when the bin of the i7+ fills, it will find its cleaning base, empty itself, and continue cleaning. Beyond that, most robot vacuums connect to App and Wi-Fi, which is great for quick fixes.

Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you’re struggling to keep up with allergens from pet hair and dust, want to maintain a clean floor, or go longer in between vacuuming. For these cleaning situations and many others, a robot vacuum is a HUGE help. 

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Step 3: Choose the robot vacuum that’s right for you

Smart robotic vacuums differ in specs, pricing, and performance. 

And because more features don’t always translate into better performance. Or in plain English–the suitability of a product for a vacuuming task isn’t necessarily about its pricing or the features it is advertised with. Choosing the ideal self vacuum robot will depend on what you need or think is important to you.

You can get by with items in the beginner and intermediate categories if you have, say, an open floor plan with over 90% hardwood floor in a home of 1200 sq ft or less. But maybe not if you have a large house (more than 3000 sq ft) with mixed floors, obstacles, and lots of transitions. Instead, the talking point will be the high-end models, my favorites being the Roborock S5 Max, Roomba i7, and Deebot 950.

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Step 4: Buy from an authorized seller 

Having admitted your cleaning inadequacies in Step 1, in addition to understanding the benefits of having a robot vacuum in Step 2. Even so, Step 3 gave pointers on how to choose the right products for your vacuuming needs. 

Step 4 is next up.

Step 4 is where you are ready to buy. You should, however, ensure that you buy from an authorized seller.

Most robot vacuum companies, iRobot, in particular, don’t support products bought from unauthorized sellers. Not to mention the quality issues of robot vacuums bought from unauthorized sellers, or the fact that replenishment parts purchased from unauthorized sellers can void the warranty on products bought from authorized sellers. 

So, where is it safe to buy a smart home cleaner from?

If you’re buying a Roomba, for instance, then you should be checking out the iRobot website. The same is true of other popular smart home vacuum brands to include Roborock, iLife, Deebot, eufy, Samsung, LG, etc. Buying directly from the OEM ensures product and customer support. 

Alternatively, you can buy from Amazon. Amazon’s shipping is fast, the return policy is good, plus most sellers are authorized. There are also valuable deals and coupons.

Step 5: Continue reading about robot vacuums

Step 1 through 4 briefly discussed robot vacuums and their offerings. Step 5, and of course the last step in this guide, is where you can gain an in-depth understanding of automatic vacuums.

For starters, here are reviews of some popular products. From there you can walk your way up to buying guides. You may also have a stopover at the frequently asked questions and answers section. Finally, you can use the glossary page to catch up on technical terms such as mapping, no-go lines, LIDAR, VSLAM, etc.