Best Robot Vacuums for Hard Floors (Woods, Tiles, Laminates)

Sam Harris
written by Sam Harris
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created on April 26, 2019
updated on August 3, 2019

Are you looking for the best robot vacuums to clean dirt, dust, or pet hairs from your wood floor, tile, or laminate? You have come to the right place.

Now Roombas do a great job with hard floors, only they hardly come cheap.

Today’s article spotlights top five non-Roomba hard floor vacuum cleaners. There are also additional sections providing answers to the question of how often you should be vacuuming if you’ve got hard floors.

Are Robot Vacuums Good for Hard Floors?

Robot vacuums are suitable for most floor surfaces but are super amazing on hard floors. That’s because the surface of woods, tiles, and laminates allow for quick cleaning and as such lesser suction is often required.

Can Robot Vacuums Go from Hard Floors (Wood, Tile, Laminate) to Soft Floors (Carpets, Rugs)?

Robot vacuums have several sensors to avoid and maneuver around obstacles and stairs; they’re able to sense changes in the flooring. That way, through adapting its brush heights your clean bot is able to detect and remove dirt on the floor.

So, yes, robot vacuums can go from hard floors to soft floors.

How Often Should you Vacuum Hard Floors?

Hard floors are much easier to vacuum because they don’t hold as much dirt, therefore cleaning a little less frequently is fine.

On the other hand, if you’re vacuuming say a tiled or laminated floor, perhaps at least every 2 or 3 days?

Bottom line, how often you should be vacuuming will depend mainly on the floor type, the volume of the pile, and your location (a dust prone area, for instance).

Which Robot Vacuum Cleaners are the Best for Hard Floors?

  • ILife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner
  • Ecovacs Deebot N79S Self-charging Vacuum Cleaner
  • Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Icoco Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mooka Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum

ILife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

Are you terrible at housework? Or maybe you’re not, only that you want to have a clean floor without you or someone else doing the job.

A combo of a robot vacuum and mop, the ILife V5s pro-robot vacuum mop cleaner cleans with efficiency on the hardwood while getting pet hair to clean up much more leisurely.

For the vacuum feature of the V5s pro, which has two modes (normal and max vacuum mode) aided by two brushes in front, this little guy bravely takes on a more substantial part of the mess you can’t attend to.

More surprisingly is the fact that even after you have swept the floor manually, the V5s pro locates and ingests many, many misses.

For the mopping feature of the V5s pro, after it must have completed the full cycle, put in the water tank, install the mopping disc/cloth & send it to work… …and, well, that’s how you get to come home to a house whose floor is incredibly clean, free from dust and pet hairs.

What Makes ILIFE V5s Pro a Good Option?

  • Affordable
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • Pet-friendly
  • Sensitive at detecting and negotiating obstacles
  • Automatically dock itself
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Holds lots of dirt
  • Disposal of the trash from the canister is easy
  • Low maintenance–ILife comes with plenty of accessories and replacement parts, so no need for buying dirtbags, for instance.

Possible Issues

  • Relatively small dustpan
  • No boundary device
  • No specific cleaning pattern
  • Mopping feature received mixed feedback
  • Has an increased tendency of getting stuck

Side note 1: For the first mopping though, I’d sit, watch, and see if the robot won’t get stuck somewhere and learn how it works and how much water it drips in the space it’s to be deployed, before leaving it unattended.

Side note 2: Dampen the thin mopping cloth before attaching. This allows the water to distribute while mopping evenly. Otherwise, you will get streaks.

Bottom Line

If you’re terrible at housework and have hard floors, the ILife V5s pro-robot vacuum cleaner will suffice. Its unmatched sweeping/vacuuming/mopping prowess can seriously cut down on your vacuuming chores. Most of all, it’s very affordable.

On Sale −50%
ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank, Automatically Sweeping Scrubbing Mopping Floor Cleaning Robot
  • Vacuuming sweeping damp mopping all in one, maintain gleaming hard floors
  • New powerful motor with max mode and pet hair technology picks up furs,debris,dust and dirty easily and efficiently
  • Small slim light design and smart sensors ensure V5s pro to know your home and clean where dirt hides.
  • Automatically docks, recharges and adjusts to hard floor types - tile, hardwood, laminate & more.
  • What is new on ILIFE V5s pro than V5s: Advanced i-dropping technology makes mopping more efficient and reliable. Enhanced battery extend V5s pro' running time up to 140 minuts. Larger roadrover wheels with self-rescue technology freedomly goes over uneven flooring.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Self-charging Vacuum Cleaner

Deebot n79s is so satisfying to use but do you know why?

You probably won’t know (I didn’t know either) until you empty out the container and realize how much work it was doing while you did nothing!

First off, the sound of the Deebot n79s is gentle enough not to interrupt your sleep or calls.

Then, Deebot is able to move from wood floors through thresholds and over area rugs with ease.

I personally love that I can follow up with a quick dust mopping and my house stays clean!

Alexa starts, stops and will have Deebot charge with a simple command.

Observe, however, that Deebot isn’t perfect.

For example, Deebot doesn’t do floor mapping like some of the other robots, which means its navigation is lacking.

And, unless it’s near the charging station, Deebot most likely won’t find it while it just goes back and forth aimlessly.

Deebot also sometimes stays in one particular area for a while, leaving me to reposition it at times manually.

What Makes Deebot N79S a Good Option?

  • User-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Fantastic price
  • Relatively quieter
  • Good battery life
  • Impressive transitioning between surfaces
  • Reasonable charging time
  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Simple-to-empty dustbin
  • Works really well on hardwood floors
  • Works well with both Amazon and Google
  • Doesn’t fall down the steps as the drop sensor is different than the obstacle detection sensor
  • The included App (in addition to a handy remote control) has great functionality–has all the commands of the remote; straightforward to use the scheduling feature; also, Deebot tells you how much longer you have to replace the consumable parts.

Possible Issues

  • A higher tendency of getting stuck (although it lets you know if and when it gets held)
  • Navigation is lacking
  • May need help finding its way to the home base. Meaning you may only run it when you’re at home.

Bottom Line

With the Deebot n79s, your wood floors should generally look spotless. That in addition to Deebot simplifying your life.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction, Works with Alexa, App Controls, Self-Charging, Quiet, for Hard Floors & Carpets
  • READY FOR ANY MESS: Equipped with two side brushes and a main brush, DEEBOT will sweep, lift, and vacuum to clean an entire floor (Auto mode), a small area (Spot mode), or the edge of your floor (Edge mode)
  • VOICE & APP CONTROLS: Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands. ECOVACS Smart App comes w/ 5+ advanced features including direct control, scheduling, status updates, cleaning modes, accessories status, etc
  • MAX MODE POWER: Increase suction power by up to 2X for particularly troublesome messes
  • UP TO 110 MINUTE RUNTIME: A longer battery life for even more cleaning! Auto return & charging means your robot will always be ready to clean
  • STANDARD: 1 Year Warranty. Comes w/ (1) charging dock, (4) side brushes, (2) high efficiency air filter, (1) remote control w/ battery), (1) cleaning tool, Customer Support

Aiper Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Most people, because they’re on the hunt for something that can automatically clean their room every day, want to try out a robot vacuum for the first time but don’t want to spend big. Are you one of them?

Just so you know, Aiper automatic vacuum cleaner is under $200 on Amazon.

Not only that, while I haven’t personally tried Aiper, users feedback suggest they weren’t disappointed with their purchase, and unsurprisingly so since straight out of the box, Aiper is very easy to assemble (you only need to attach 3 parts as all the rest comes already connected) plus the App is also very easy to find and use.

Having installed the App, you can use it to control when Aiper starts and stops remotely. Additionally, you can automatically schedule cleaning.

For the cleaning options of the Aiper, first, there’s the spot cleaning option. By running this option–thanks to its two sturdy wheels and rotating brushes–Aiper picks up crumbs, dust bunnies, pet hairs, and many of the other pesky little things on hard surfaces.

Another option is the edge cleaner which takes care of all the dog hairs that accumulate around the corners.

That mentioned, you do need to shut your doors, so Aiper doesn’t go into other unprepared rooms. Otherwise, it will hang up on things. Regardless, Aiper does a significant job maneuvering around obstacles.

Like most robot vacuums though, you’d have to clean Aiper out according to the level and volume of a pile on your wood floors, but this is simple to do.

What Makes the Aiper a Good Option?

  • Quick-to-find and easy-to-use App
  • Easier to set up and get started with (you only need to attach three parts as all the rest comes already connected)
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • Automatically schedule cleaning
  • Great at transitioning between surfaces
  • Movement is precise and done with ease
  • Navigate obstacles really well

Possible Issues

  • May occasionally gets stuck
  • Cleaning can only be scheduled once in a day
  • Lacks a specific cleaning pattern

Bottom Line

Aiper is one of the very few robot cleaners that lets you try, at a budget of course, whether or not a robot vacuum will align with your hygiene needs. And being a quality product, Aiper has aligned with (according to Amazon reviews) more than 70% of the cleaning needs of people who had used it, offering the much-needed help during the week for a quick clean up. Want to try the Aiper automatic robot vacuum?

On Sale −24%
Aiper Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1500Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, APP Control, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum, Good for Pet Hair, Thin Carpet, Hard Floors
  • 【High Suction& Cleaning Thoroughness】: The robot vacuum cleaner with 1500pa suction provides concentrated cleaning, it does a good job at systematically covering the floor of an entire room, good for pet hair, thin carpets and hard floors. It's also very quiet, no worry about buzzing around the house. Tips: there are two white protective foam strips on both side of the robot vacuum, you have to remove them before first use.
  • 【Smart APP for IOS&Android Phones】: Scan QR code or search for 'robotic vacuums' in APPLE STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE to download Bluetooth App, to customize, schedule & monitor cleaning sessions, accessory status, & receive error alerts. You can program cleaning time and even if you are not at home, the robotic vacuum cleaner can clean home by itself.
  • 【Intelligent Detect System】: This robot vacuum cleaner features in ability to set virtual walls to avoiding falling down the stairs, damaging walls or knocking over other decors. The compact size make it to clean smaller spaces under and around furniture to pick up all the dirt that the regular vacuum cannot reach.
  • 【Multiply Cleaning Mode】: 1. Smart motion guided auto cleaning mode to clean the areas it can reach. 2. Spot cleaning mode for targeted areas in family. 3. Edge cleaning mode perfect for edges which hard to clean. These three cleaning mode to meet all your cleaning need and clean more thoroughly.
  • 【Self-charging】: No need to worry about manual recharging as these smart vacuum robot cleaner can recharge themselves, After completing a task, the vacuum will immediately return to its docking station. This means that if your battery is low, it will automatically be recharged after each cleaning.

Icoco Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ever walked barefooted on a dirty hardwood floor? I have and believe me when I say it isn’t a pleasant experience.

With Icoco robot vacuum cleaner, however, walking barefooted on your wood floors should now be a pleasure.

While admittedly, hardwood floors don’t require as much of suction as carpets, they do require suction nonetheless.

Consequently, Icoco’s suction is potent plus it has multiple settings/modes to include spot cleaner and turbo clean that are perfect for different situations. Not for the fun of it though since, you know, you may have hard floors and rugs in your home. Or, sometimes, even carpets.

Regardless, Icoco transitions really well between the different surfaces.

Away from the suction and transitioning capability of the Icoco robot vacuum cleaner.

Let me quickly add that the side sweepers do an impressive job at collecting additional dirt.

On a single charge, Icoco is advertised to run some 90 minutes. That in addition to its dustbin, which is about 0.9L.

That mentioned, and depending on the level of the pile and the surface being cleaned, you should be able to vacuum a townhouse on a single charge while emptying the debris bin a couple of times.

What’s more?

Thanks to its slim design, Icoco can reach places that are not usually easy to clean, such as under the bed and under the cabinet.

And the home dock of the Icoco, which comes just in the perfect size, takes up very little room.

Icoco, while neither smart nor dumb, could be left alone while you work outside; it’ll follow the plan and clean the room on time. If and when Icoco struggles, an easy to read code comes up on it so you can fix it.

Now maybe you’re worried about noise, or how your pets would react to Icoco?

Rest easy. Icoco’s very quiet. And because Icoco is calm, you can run it while you sleep. The quietness of Icoco also makes your pets to feel relaxed.

One more thing, you could use the remote to control Icoco’s direction. For example, you could use the remote function to order Icoco to go home for charging purpose.

What Makes Icoco Robot Vacuum a Good Option?

  • User-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Simple to set up
  • Charges quickly
  • Quieter (under 60db)
  • Transitions real good
  • Has a compact remote which can be used at a distance
  • Excellent battery life (lasts about 90 minutes)
  • Easy-to-clean filter plus the dustbin is easy to empty
  • Self-charge and allows for scheduling daily cleaning

Possible Issues

  • Lacks a specific cleaning pattern
  • Doesn’t connect with smartphones
  • Doesn’t work with smart home devices like Alexa–Icoco is controlled by a remote

Bottom Line

In appearance, the Icoco isn’t looking like an item most people would imagine needing, but it’s definitely something you can’t afford to ignore, especially if you’ve got hardwood.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, ICOCO Automatically Sweeping Floor, High Suction,Self-Charging,Ultra Flexible,Daily Planning, Good for Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet with Remote Controller
  • 【All-New Robot Vacuum Cleaner】 Re-engineered to be the slimmest* RoboVac (3.44") but with quiet operation and increased suction at 1300Pa for up to 100 minutes** of constant, powerful suction.
  • 【Deep Cleaning】Vacuum power and brushes for sucking and sweeping up dirt and dust; Three step cleaning system leaves floors free of dust particles and hair; Compact design, ultra-thin, lightweight and portable
  • 【MULTIPLE CLEANING MODES & CLEANING SCHEDULE】Systematic Mapping Cleaning Adopting 4 cleaning modes which are automatic, spot, max vacuuming and edge cleaning, this smart vacuum can be adjusted by the Remote Control in order to fulfill your different needs. You can also set schedules for this robot vacuum to wake up and start a cleaning job, so that it can start working while you're out of the house.
  • 【Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Super Quiet Design】Robot vacuum cleaner has a noise level of just ≤55db, it makes low noise when it works
  • 【Simple Home Cleaning】Wireless robotic vacuum cleaner vaccums tile, suitable for all hard floor types and short pile carpet, floor types-carpet (short pile), hard floor, laminate, tile

Mooka Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Mooka Auto Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction, Self-Charging, Ultra Quiet, 2600mAH Battery for 2 hours, Suits Wooden/Tiled Floors & Light Carpets (Upgraded)
  • ENJOY SMARTER LIFE - This Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Mooka will no doubt change the way you live. Thanks to smart mapping technology, it seamlessly keeps track of where it's already cleaned and where it hasn't been yet, making it super-efficient. This frees up your valuable time meaning you can get on with other task and forget about vacuuming ever gain.
  • SUPER CLEANING ABILITY - Advanced 3-point cleaning system gives the Mooka robot vacuum cleaner up to 10 times the suction power in performance mode than other bands on the market. In addition, auto, edge and single room cleaning modes help clean entire floors of your home, even the hard-to-clean edges.
  • ADVANCED SENSING FEATURES - The high-capacity 2600mAh Li-ion battery delivers up to 120 minutes of cleaning power, whilst the anti-drop sensors fitted to the robot vacuum cleaner prevent it from falling down stairs or tumbling over drop-offs. Additionally, anti-collision sensors automatically identify obstacles that need to be avoided.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - The Mooka robot vacuum cleaner is so simple to use, you won't need to interfere with anything once it's all so. You'll be able to customize cleaning modes to a set schedule - anytime, anywhere. What's more, it will automatically return to the charging station to recharge at the end of a cleaning cycle or when the battery is running low.
  • WHAT YOU GET - We offer a 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 2-YEAR WARRANTY for complete peace of mind. Included with the robot is a remote control (2 AAA batteries not included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes and 5 cable ties.

As if owning a dog that sheds a lot isn’t enough trouble. What about keeping up with all those animal hairs on wood floors, especially when you’ve got to sweep the floor or vacuum two times a day, every day?

If I were you, I’d use the Mooka self-charging robotic vacuum to save up some energy and time.

What you’ll quickly notice about Mooka is the wide rubber wheels and dual brushes which gives it good traction. I mean, Mooka is appropriate for picking up pet hair, dust balls, dead insects, etc. off of your hardwood floors.

Then there are extra brushes and filters. If it helps to mention, these extras will reduce the frequency of buying replacement parts. Or, in other words, you’ll be saving some money.

And as with most robot vacuum in its category, I expected Mooka to have difficulty transitioning to different rooms and surfaces. A shame I was disappointed, given that Mooka navigates from hardwood to carpet nicely and does manage to wiggle its way out of areas that it might be trapped.

The height of the Mooka also makes it perfect for getting under and around beds and furniture, low leather sofa, and other difficult to reach places.

Mooka, for the most part, is smart enough not to get stuck indiscriminately. If and when it does, it’ll beep to let you know and will shut off if it can’t get itself out, so it does not waste power.

Mooka runs an average of 2-3 hrs on a single charge. It also has a remote control which controls the movement of the robot manually–a cool feature to get your kids to vacuum the house, maybe when you aren’t at home or something.

What Makes Mooka a Good Option?

  • Affordable
  • Very quiet
  • Very efficient
  • Simple controls
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to operate
  • Very user-friendly instructions
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Comes with extra brushes and filters to help reduce the frequency of buying replacement parts
  • Gives a warning when it gets stuck while shutting down in order not to waste power
  • Super long battery life (up to three hours on a single charge)
  • Doesn’t require a wireless network or Internet to operate
  • Transitions excellently from wood floors to tile and other surfaces
  • The dust bin compartment is reasonably large and is easy to empty

Possible Issues

  • Might have trouble finding its home dock
  • Might require between primary through intermediate supervision

Bottom Line

If the idea of returning home every day to meet a sparkling, spotless floor has ever made makes sense to you, and you’re looking to buy an affordable robot vacuum for your hard floor, this is your chance to grab the Mooka self-charging robotic vacuum.

Robotic Cleaners for Hardwood Floors: Managing Expectations

Thankfully, all the robotic cleaners listed in this article thoroughly cleans dirt and dust particles on hard floors, although they can be used on carpets and rugs as well.

If all you care about is a clean floor regardless of how a robot vacuum achieves this, go right ahead as any of the products from one to five will do.

If, however, you’re expecting a 200 dollar robot vacuum to have an app feature, smart mapping, and navigation, support smart gadgets like Alexa and maybe self-empty its debris bin… I think you’d be better off with any series of the Roomba. Roomba has a reputation for top quality robot vacuums and most, if not all, Roomba models do hard floors, in addition to other surfaces likes tiles, carpets, and rugs.


My intent with this article was to compile a list of some of the best and affordable robot vacuums for picking dust and dirt particles (pet hairs especially) on hard floors.

And, well, you can’t go wrong with any of the five items listed above but if you ask me, I think the Icoco robotic cleaner best aligns with my lifestyle and cleaning needs, given its quietness, dustbin size, run time, versatility and outstanding performance on my wood floor.