How to Get Improved Carpet Vacuuming Performance on the Roborock S4

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created on June 26, 2020
updated on July 18, 2020

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The s4 is excellent in mapping, navigation, and hard floor vacuuming, plus the price is just right. It’s also the only vacuuming robot model from Roborock for now. 

But who else thinks it doesn’t make sense to make your only vacuum without a mop not function on carpet? Or in plain English: the Roborock s4 tends to spin in circles, its side brush tangles easily, plus main brush jams and errors out (error 5, 6 & 8), especially when vacuuming on tall carpets.

Here’s a video of the Roborock s4 struggling to clean carpets:

Now, to avoid getting caught up in an unending cycle of diagnosis/troubleshooting, and in order not to waste time on a machine you can’t use, as a homeowner with large carpeted areas who’s in the market for a carpet floor robot, make sure to read today’s blog in its entirety as I linked to a page where you can read reviews on Roborock s4 alternatives. Also, as a current Roborock s4 owner, today’s update will reveal some tricks you can try to get your robot to vacuum carpets with fewer issues.

With all of that mentioned, here are five useful tips gleaned from owners of the Roborock s4 for improved carpet vacuuming.

1. For months old carpets (low pile) or areas in the house that get a lot of traffic, the s4 typically does an excellent job. There could be problems with new rugs, though. Perhaps there’s something on the surface of new carpets that robots don’t like, so you might want to consider getting the rug professionally cleaned or running the standard vacuum for a couple of weeks to make it robot-friendly. Another trick you can try is to use the keep out zone function to block the rug from s4’s route. Keep in mind the s4 can only go over carpets 0.6 inches. 

2. Unless you have large debris in corners, consider removing the side brush and see how the s4 behaves. 

3. My observation is the new style brush roll is dense and has too many bristles to push through thicker carpets. Consider trimming the fiber on the brush roll, or try one of the older style brushes.

4. Dark carpets absorb light, therefore, confusing the cliff sensor. Try blocking the cliff sensor with a white tape but be aware of a potential fall risk if you live in a story house.

5. If you tried everything from #1 to #4 and still can’t get meaningful useful life or think it’s too much trouble, you should consider getting a refund. Alternatively, you can work with Roborock customer support to get discounts on other Roborock models like the s5 Max or s6–which tends to work a lot better on carpets than the s4.


So far and Roborock agrees–the s4 isn’t ideal for carpet cleaning. 

Following the five tips above lets you avoid unnecessary hassle of trying to get the device to work correctly or going back and forth with CS.

If you have large areas of wood, tile, or laminate floorings, the Roborock s4 robot vacuum works excellently. However, if you have wood or tile floors in your house with a mix of carpets, or expansive carpeted areas, consider the other options in this guide.

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  1. Do you have the Roborock s4 and are you experiencing similar issues to the ones highlighted above? If you don’t have the s4, what model, whether from Roborock or other brands, have you had success or trouble with as far as carpet cleaning is concerned?


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