Self Emptying Robot Vacuums: Everything Worth Knowing

Sam Harris
written by Sam Harris
part of Robot Vacuums
created on March 18, 2019
updated on November 25, 2019

In today’s update, you’ll learn:

  • Whether or not robot vacuums can empty themselves.
  • Whether or not there’s a need for a robotic cleaner that empties itself.
  • Currently available auto empty robot vacuums and the best of them all.
  • How to empty the canister of any clean bot and how often you should be doing this.

Do Robot Vacuums Empty Themselves?

Robotic vacuum cleaners, in general, don’t self empty. For items in this category, cleaning will not resume until the bin has been emptied.

Are There Robot Vacuums That Can Empty Themselves?

As far back as 2012, there has been a certain Deebot D76…

..and a Navibot S:

Also, sometimes in 2016, Ecovac released another self-emptying vacuum, the D79:

In 2018, Roomba released the i7+:

Then sometimes around August 2019, Shark released the Shark IQ R101AE:

Is There a Need for a Self Cleaning Floor Robot?

With the most spacious dirt container that I can tell being the Naeto D7, with bin capacity at 0.7L.

For a pet owner with animals that sheds a lot, the odds of the dirt container filling is pretty high. But then when the dirt container actually fills, and I mean every single time it does, cleaning STOPS.

It doesn’t end there because, as you can guess, emptying the bin can get quite messy probably not what someone who’s allergic would try.

Which is the Best Auto Emptying Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Hands down the Shark IQ R101AE. This self-cleaning robot vacuum–compared with a certain Roomba i7+–is cheaper, cleans better, and uses a bagless clean base.

How Often Should an Automatic Cleaner Be Emptied?

How often an automatic cleaner should be emptied would depend for the most part on the bin capacity and the volume of the mess being sucked in. As a result, the answer to this question will be ‘as often as necessary.’

That mentioned, you want to clean out a robovac (if it lacks the automatic cleaning option) after every run, or after the last run.

How to Empty the Dust Bin on a Smart Home Vacuum?

If your device doesn’t support automatic emptying, your best bet is to consult the manual guide that comes with most units. Alternatively, you could type something like ‘how to empty [brand or model of your device]’ into Google.

Are You Ready to Supercharge your Cleaning Experience With a Self-Emptying Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Consider getting the Shark IQ R101AE. Thanks to its auto-emptying feature you can

  • Run your smart vacuum unattended;
  • Enjoy interrupted cleaning cycles;
  • Save time while avoiding unnecessary hassles.
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  • Unbeatable suction vs. any Shark(R) robot vacuum for pick up for large and small debris, as well as pet hair on carpets and hard floors
  • Self-cleaning brushroll removes pet hair and long hair from the brushroll as it cleans-no more hair wrap
  • Schedule cleanings, target specific rooms or areas with the Shark (R) Clean App or voice control with Alexa
  • Total home mapping with room select maps your home and lets you choose which rooms to clean or avoid